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How a Medical School Graduate Landed in Piktochart

When 24-year-old Joseph John Malayapillay Gerald graduated from medical school a few months ago, he had no idea he would be trading his stethoscope for a career in visual storytelling at Piktochart.

Joseph John Malayapillay Gerald is an intern at Piktochart.
Photo by Natasya Sunarto/Piktochart

Gerald’s stint at Piktochart began after he responded to a friend’s chat room post about an internship in the Malaysia-based online infographic maker.

“I was looking for ways to fill my time before receiving my posting as house officer in a Malaysian hospital. Working at Piktochart seemed interesting so I went for it,” says the fresh graduate from The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and University College Dublin Malaysia Campus in Penang, Malaysia.

His first time to try the Piktochart online design tool was creating the resume and presentation that helped him land the job. 

Gerald now contributes articles and ideas for Piktochart’s Vizpresso, a new platform that condenses stories into bite-sized infographics. “It has helped me learn a lot about various facts and also improve my writing skills,” he says.

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Joseph John Malayapillay Gerald at the Piktochart headquarters in Penang, Malaysia.
Photo by Natasya Sunarto/Piktochart

It has been an interesting run for Gerald, who says he has “no regrets” switching from the healthcare sector to the online design publishing sector. In fact, he has found a connection.

Visualizing healthcare

“People don’t often realize that people in the healthcare sector also do a lot of research and reports,” Gerald says, adding that this is where Piktochart bridges the gap for non-designers with easy-to-use design templates on everything from presentations to brochures. 

He calls it every non-designer’s secret weapon, adding that Piktochart is particularly useful to people in the healthcare sector looking to make health topics easier for the public to understand. “It can be used to convey vital healthcare information about diseases and various medical processes to help educate students or the public,” he says.

Gerald says that after his internship at Piktochart, he hopes to “start on the path to future specialization” to treat and save patients.  After all, it was an experience at the ER when he was still a medical student that completely changed his outlook on healthcare. 

“My first patient—an elderly woman—died in front of me despite my best efforts to resuscitate her. It was a very humbling experience and it reminded me of the fragility of life,” Gerald recalls. He looks forward to moments when “you see the appreciation in the eyes of a patient for your efforts”.

He will be taking with him the skills he has picked up at Piktochart. “It has taught me how to communicate better with others who may not be in the healthcare profession and it has given me some exposure to the world outside the hospital,” he says.

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