12 Ideas For Holiday-Themed Marketing Visuals Plus Templates

The holiday season and the end of yet another action-packed year is just around the corner.

As we gear up for the festivities and wrap up the year with some holiday cheer (and likely frantic gift shopping), marketers of all stripes are also busy putting together end-of-year materials for both themselves and their clients.

We’ve put together this one-stop-shop of holiday-themed marketing visual ideas.

This collection includes new Piktochart templates – all fresh off the design press.

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1. Year-end review presentation

The weeks leading up to your holiday break are for finishing your projects and also a period of review. This helps with planning and strategizing for the year ahead, and also provides the ability to do an audit of all the initiatives and experiments you’ve run.

This year-end review presentation template is particularly a good home for all the data crunching that is required for a great year-end review presentation. It contains 8 pages in total!

Looking for annual report design inspiration? Go to our Annual Report Design Inspiration Guide: Ideas, Templates, and Best Practices

cover page of year end review presentation template

2. Marketing plan presentation

Planning for the year ahead before the holidays means you’ll emerge in the new year both refreshed and prepared.

A well-prepared marketing team is one that will be sharp and ready to execute straight out of the gate.

This marketing plan presentation template includes a SWOT analysis, as well as an opportunity to list your target audience and their pain points.

cover page of marketing plan template

3. Yearly review and reflections presentation

Unlike the first template on this list, which is suited for a more data-heavy summary — this one is for those that would like to ponder and write more on their end of year reflections.

Reflecting on the year that’s just passed is useful because it helps with planning for the year ahead, and also to perform a bit of an autopsy on the experiments that went awry.

cover page of annual review reflection template

4. Play to win strategy canvas presentation

A play-to-win strategy canvas helps teams lay out their plans for the year, solidify their company’s mission statement, figure out who their target users and customers are, and also map out the action plan and resources required to reach their goals.

The canvas also helps with prioritizing what’s the most important and leaves what has historically not worked behind. It’s critical in nailing down a concrete path to success.

5. Holiday thank you cards for clients

Whole-hearted appreciation for those that have supported you this past year — isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Especially when it comes to your clients, the people that continue buying into your business.

We figure you’ll be sending a handful of these out, which is why we’ve prepared three templates to suit a variety of clients and moods.

thank you card for client template
white and simple thank you card for client template
red thank you card for client template

6. Holiday newsletter infographic

At Piktochart, we send out an email recap to the team every month – keeping our entire team thoroughly updated on new projects, product launches, and what’s happening in the content and social media arenas.

This infographic template will help your marketing team get their updates in the most festive way possible!

holiday marketing newsletter

Don’t let the holiday stress get to you

Go forth and be merry with this holiday marketing templates and ideas with Piktochart!

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7. Year-end promotional flyer

This one goes out to small business owners that need help in promoting their end of season discounts.

The month of December is especially important to businesses selling holiday gifts, and to the ones trying to offload seasonal items post-Christmas day – which is why promo poster templates like the ones below can be very handy.

end of season flyer template
white and gold holiday template

8. Holiday event poster

While not everyone loves eggnog, holiday parties are a hit among young and old – which often includes festive fun, delicious hor d’oeuvres, and networking opportunities.

With many going on vacation this time of year though, these holiday parties need to be promoted well in advance – and these templates will help get that done effortlessly.

holiday event flyer template
christmas gala dinner template

9. Eat, drink and be merry invitation

Invite friends, colleagues, and family members for a night filled with food, free-flowing drinks, and fun with this eat drink and be merry invitation template.

eat drink and be merry invitation template

10. Christmas fundraising posters

Giving and goodwill towards others is what Christmas is about! Use these Christmas and yearend fundraising flyer templates and get the attention of generous donors. 

year end fundraising template
winter fundraising template

11. Annual dinner invitation

Create your own yearly dinner invites in less than an hour with these annual dinner invitation templates. With Piktochart, it’s even easier to change background colors and pick the right fonts.

annual dinner invitation template
geometric annual invitation dinner template

12. Holiday potluck invitation

Whether it’s Christmas lunch or a holiday dinner, bring out the potluck and gather everyone with this Christmas potluck invitation printable template.

Christmas potluck invitation template printable

We hope these holiday visual ideas and templates lent a hand in making your holiday-themed presentations and marketing efforts a little less stressful, and a lot more visual.

Happy holidays from Piktochart!

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