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Hi Infographic Geeks,

We are big fans of HubSpot and when we saw the amount of infographics that they used in their marketing mix, we asked them if we could come up with a free HubSpot template that was about inbound marketing. The colors and design were inspired by HubSpot’s branding but we also threw in some items from “under the sea”.

You can read more about it in the infographic below. We are big fans of inbound marketing here at Piktochart. The basic premise is creating really good content to attract people to your site. At Piktochart, we also try to do this by:

  • regularly blogging about industry trends, guides and latest news
  • creating how-to video tutorials
  • creating lots of infographics
  • communicating with users on social media channels
  • creating newsletters and email communication to keep users in the loop

We hope that you enjoy discovering more about inbound marketing and feel inspired to create some awesome infographics about your own marketing efforts.

Link to the FREE infographic theme (available only until end of Feb 2014).

With love, Team @ Piktochart

Update, April 2014: This theme has been renamed Oceanica and is only available for PRO users here.

hubspot infographic template