55 Free Icon Marketplaces And Websites For Your Graphic Design Needs

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Are you in need of some quality icons for your website or app, but don’t want to make them yourself from scratch? We’re here to help!

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Ahead is an epic A-Z list of free icons marketplaces and websites to get the most gorgeous icons from for your next design project.

1. 1001 Free Downloads


1001 Free Downloads grants you unencumbered, royalty-free access to vibrant collections of icons and vectors that can be used for both personal and paid undertakings.

2. AlienValley


While AlienValley carries premium designs that come with a price tag, it also has a truckload of freebies that are no less beautiful. These top-notch graphic assets are good for commercial use too, making sure all your design needs are met above and beyond.

3. All-Free-Download


The ultimate resource for free design materials, All-Free-Download not only offers icons, but also high-definition photos, video clips, fonts, and graphic art. With almost 17,000 icons to choose from, it provides a wide range of styles and subjects.

4. Behance


Behance is most known as a portfolio site for design professionals, but you can also find a great deal with gems, offered for free. Created by a community of top talents, the icons and other resources here are worth the search.

5. Best PSD Freebies


Whether you’re working on a web or print project, this free marketplace has everything you’ll need. From wedding invitation mockups to social media packs to thematic icon sets, these Photoshop-friendly resources are instantly downloadable with no strings attached.

6. Blugraphic


Most of Blugraphic’s free icons come in sets, categorised by theme, style and subject. Suitable for those searching for clean, minimalist and youthful graphics, this site offers trendy options for both personal and commercial purposes. There’s also an email list for weekly freebies.

7. Captain Icon


Although Captain Icon’s resource of vectors and icons are a little more limited to just about 350 designs, each asset is fully customizable. Available in a variety of formats including PSD, PNG, SVG, EPS, and Web Font, all you have to do is attribute the author of the works.

8. Creative Tail


Ideal for web and mobile design projects, Creative Tail offers a marketplace of free icons that are easy to search over a clean interface. Quality background images and stock photos are also available, and designers get to submit contributions directly to the site.  

9. CSS Author


Home to a diverse collection of resources, CSS Author is a free marketplace that provides fonts, images, mockups, templates, icons, as well as articles and video tutorials for designers and coders.

10. Dafont


Within its extensive catalogue of free fonts, there is a collection of icon fonts that can be used for your graphic design campaigns. Each asset comes with different usage rights, so be sure to check them before downloading.

11. Designbeep


Designbeep collates and curates resources from a handful of free icon marketplaces, so you don’t have to hop from site to site, searching for that perfect set of symbols. It offers articles, inspirations, and other tools for designers as well.

12. DeviantArt


A little-known place for installing free icons, DeviantArt is first and foremost a social network for sharing art. Venture further into the sub-category of icon images, and you’ll find a treasure trove of unique illustrated works.

13. Dreamstale


Filled with dreamy graphic resources that will never go stale, this website offers icons of the highest quality and only asks for proper attribution in return.

14. Dribbble


A reservoir of free icons and other design resources, Dribbble is also the sound you make when you salivate at the sight of these swoon-worthy works of art.

15. Dryicons


Dryicons boasts an upwards of 6,700 vector-based icons, available in every format and size, but it’s only free for personal projects. Commercial uses require a slight payment to obtain the license for each asset.

16. Ego Icons


This website offers thousands of free icons at your disposal, perfect for mobile and web interfaces. What’s more, every set is well-designed with a distinct character, so you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd with a contemporary, yet singular style.

17. Endless Icons


This library of free icons, the brainchild of Min Kim, should be a go-to resource if you’re after a look of monochrome simplicity or modern elegance. Still, the beauty of these icons is that they’re versatile enough to fit into any project.

18. Entypo


This gem of a resource boasts a similar style to the graphics from Endless Icons. They are simple, straightforward, and stylishly classic, providing practical picograms for your digital graphic design projects.

19. Find Icons


With more than 150,000 free icons, vectors, graphics, Find Icons features a vast collection of resources that are easy to search and download.

20. Flat Icon


This marketplace of free icons is one of the largest of its kind, with over 867,500 vector-based icons in its arsenal. Its icons can also be converted into fonts.

21. Font Awesome


Over a thousand free icons, social media logos and digital graphics are available at Font Awesome, a toolkit that has been used by major organisations such as The Washington Post and Stanford.

22. Fontello


One of the easiest tools in the market for downloading free design resources, Fontello carries free icons and doubles as a tool to develop icon fonts as well.

23. Free Goodies for Designers


While you’re free to download the endless icons, vectors, mockups, fonts, and images available on this site, you can also choose to donate a small amount to support the designers behind them.

24. Free Icon Rainbow


More than 5,000 icons are available on this website free-of-charge. Designed as simple graphic outlines, you can change the colour of these symbols with the click of a button right from the page itself.

25. Freebiesbug


Freebiesbug is an inventory of free graphic resources, optimised for web design projects. Aside from its ample supply of icons, it also offers free web templates, themes, and fonts.

26. Freepik


Possibly the largest archive of free graphic design materials, Freepik is constantly adding new icons, images, and illustrations to their catalogue. You can choose from endless options, though attributions are required.

27. Fribly


With new freebies introduced almost every day, this marketplace of icons, digital templates, and physical mockups is a godsend that caters to designers of every kind.

28. Glyphicons


Featuring a timeless, pared-down style, this online library’s vectors and icons are designed by Jan Kovarik, and suit every format and application.

29. Good Stuff No Nonsense


Also the work of a single graphic designer, Good Stuff No Nonsense provides vectorised, hand-sketched symbols in the SVG and PNG format. Users are not obliged to attribute the designs either.

30. GraphicBurger


GraphicBurger is all about fun, adorable design resources. Free for both personal and professional projects, this website provides mockups, UI kits, text effects, and high-definition backgrounds, on top of a slew of colourful icons.

31. GraphicsBay


This marketplace’s free icons are organised into clear, categorised sets, and come most of the time as Photoshop files that can be downloaded straight from the page.

32. GraphicsFuel


While a premium subscription for $10 a month is an option to consider for higher quality products, GraphicsFuel nonetheless offers a smorgasbord of free icons that are visually superb as they are.

33. Gravual


A graphic design studio in Belgium, Gravual also offers a collection of freebies on their site to give other creatives a hand. The only catch is that they’re free just for personal projects.

34. Icojam


Ranging from the cute to the colourful to the classic, this free icon marketplace features extensive sets of icons, so you’ll have everything you need in every design style imaginable.

35. IcoMoon App


A free service where you can install myriad icons from, IcoMoon allows you to generate icon fonts and symbols in a variety of file formats.

36. Icon Archive


As a colossal resource that’s been around for quite a while now, Icon Archive is one of the largest go-to marketplaces for free icons with more than 735,000 option to choose from.

37. Icon Shock


More than two million icons, 400 sets, 30 styles, and a whole gamut of sizes and formats. This is what Icon Shock offers, and it’s all for free.

38. Icon Shop


Whether you’re looking for line, glyph, filled, or flat icons, Icon Shop promises a massive collection of quality symbols for commercial designs.

39. Icon Store


Categorised by theme (such as food, travel, and technology) as well as style (such as coloured, glyph, and outline), this free icon marketplace boasts top-grade designs that are directly downloadable from the website.

40. Iconfinder


Iconfinder functions like a search engine for symbols with a plethora of freebies, as well as premiums ranging from the affordable to the pricey. It features an icon editor as well, if you need to customise your assets.

41. Iconic


Modern icons that are extra sharp, easily modifiable, and totally free? Iconic, a product of a 2013 Kickstarter campaign, has them all.

42. Iconmonstr


Trawl through this marketplace – developed by Alexander Kahlkopf, a German designer who specialises in icons – for minimalist, outline symbols that require no fee or attribution.

43. Icons8


Made for iOS, Windows, and Android interfaces, Icons8 carries about 69,300 symbols in five flat styles and the option to download them in the PNG and SVG format (or as a font).

44. Inscribe Mag


Inscribe Mag offers a host of free collections for graphic design, from icon sets to fonts to Photoshop mockups. There’s also a column of style inspirations, in case you run out of ideas for your project.  

45. Noun Project


Contributed by artists and designers from all over the world, Noun Project offers a database of royalty-free icons as well as Creative Commons resources that come at no charge. You do, however, need to register for an account.

46. Oxygenna


Although WordPress Bootstrap themes are its primary offering, Oxygenna also designs icon sets, which are made available for free on its website.

47. Pixeden


Pixeden features an assemblage of print and web design resources – including a diverse collection of icons and vectors – some of which are free, while others require a $6 monthly subscription to access.

48. Pixelicons


At Pixelicons, users get a free packet of 300 clean, contemporary, and classic icons upon subscribing to the website’s free digital newsletter.

49. PixelsMarket


A place for designers to receive and contribute free resources, PixelsMarket provides picturesque symbols, curated from every corner of the Internet.

50. Smashing Magazine


More than an online editorial site for design-related content, Smashing Magazine also offers graphic assets such as icons, fonts, and images for free.

51. Squid Ink


From pen to pixel, Squid Ink’s free icons are designed by hand, and made with vector shapes for easy size customisations. It comes as a full set with 2,000 designs in five formats and 17 categories.

52. Streamline Icons


As its name suggests, this online resource provides a set of 100 free icons with a simple, streamlined style in monochrome outlines.

53. Vecteezy


A multitude of customisable vectors and icons lie in this free marketplace, waiting to be used in your next graphic design project.

54. Webalys


Webalys points you to stunning illustrations and icons from various online resources that have been curated under this singular site.

55. Webdesigner Depot


It started out as a web design blog in 2008, but has since evolved into a job portal, as well as a resource with plenty of freebies from fonts to icons.

With this near-comprehensive list of free icon resources, you’ll find the perfect graphic assets for your project in no time. 

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Happy Piktochart-ing!

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