15 Versatile Flyer Templates For Business and Fun

Flyers are a versatile bunch. They can inspire and inform while allowing for seriously text-heavy projects. We recently rolled out our new flyer format, the versatile new addition to our printables section, which includes a myriad of new event flyer templates.

Here are a handful of things that you can do with flyers:

  • From a graphic design consultancy to an artisanal goods shop, promote your new business
  • Convey your carefully-crafted company vision and goods and services
  • Drum up some excitement surrounding an upcoming event
  • Drive online and in-store sales by promoting discounted products

Our design team has carefully crafted event flyer templates for almost every use case under the sun, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are 15 Free and PRO templates that you can use to design your next flyer. Give them a try by creating a free account to get unlimited access!

1. Dare to Dream, Real Estate Templates

This glossy template, complete with a vanilla sky and double garage home is a good fit for those real estate agents out there that are selling dreams. Dream homes that is. There’s a comfortable amount of white space so potential home buyers can absorb your message while fantasizing about their perfect future.

2. Travel Agency, Tear-Off Flyer

Tear-off flyers are kind of retro but still have a special place in our hearts. They’re straight-forward and easy to engage with — just take a number and go. They are often used for room renting services and part-time hiring, which is popular with college students.

This easygoing event flyer template includes awe-inspiring travel imagery and is spacious enough to include some background information on your company.

3. Wedding Photographer, Images Speak Volumes

Although our flyers are able to accommodate for a lot of text, sometimes a set of photos can speak louder than words. This clean template allows for four different image blocks that can be easily customized with your own photographic creations.

While it’s ideal for weddings, what with the interwoven lines and floral frame, it’s still flexible enough for those that do portraits of wildlife or humans. We created another version for those who prefer their templates sans frames.

4. Fitness Products, Promoting Discounts

If you’ve got beautiful products and they’re about to go on sale, why shouldn’t your existing and future customers know about it? This discount-friendly flyer template puts your products (images are customizable, just drag and drop) on the main stage while also highlighting a current promotion.

Whether you’re looking to clear out some stock or entice new customers to visit your store, this template is for you.

5. Software Business, Goods and Services

If you’re running some kind of IT-related business, you need a flyer that speaks to your firm’s technical prowess and also top notch customer service. This template (left) is smart and effective, likely two adjectives that you would use to describe your company.

If your business is a little more jazzed up than this flyer template suggests, our design team made a second version (right) to reflect that.

6. Scrumptious Eats, F&B Business

We all have to eat, although some of us are hungrier than most. And what better than a flyer to whet the appetites of your future customers? This warm template is a great way to promote your tasty treats with a pair of large images while sharing the story that drives your dessert shop. Don’t forget to add that your pumpkin pie is from Grandma’s top secret recipe!

7. Minimalist, Less is More

Keep it classy, keep it clean. This sleek template caters to those who are looking to do social good while engaging in some retail therapy. With a large image and minimal text, this is a flyer template for a business that has clear-cut and concise messaging and wants to present themselves as modern and trendy.

Feeling inspired yet? Jump right into creating a flyer with Piktochart by signing up for free.

8. Easy-breezy Graphics, Grand Opening

Looking for something fun and breezy that will capture the attention of a younger demographic? Look no further than this template, a fun and easy-to-love flyer with a fair amount of space for text. You can share the story behind your family-run business and easily convey what makes you stand head and shoulders above other dessert shops.

9. Modern and Inspirational, Cityscape  

Looking for something contemporary enough to drive your company’s message home? This sophisticated template, complete with a bird’s eye view image and angular graphics, might be your first choice. We envision the likes of urban planners, real estate developers, and even urban farmers customizing this template.

10. Serious Silhouettes, Business-Driven

For those that want to win over top enterprise clients, there’s nothing like an office environment silhouette that radiates professionalism. This no-nonsense template communicates your goods and services in hexagonal blocks and gets the job done in a two-toned fashion. Our design team created a second silhouetted template, just in case you are after a more spacious look.

11. Spa Day, Heaven Floral

For those operating a wellness business, running the gamut of massage therapy or spa services, you’ll need a flyer that feels relaxed and premium. Which is why we’ve created this template, complete with flowing lines, earthy colors and room for you to promote your services.

12. Smart and Simple, For Education

Whether you’re running a tutoring service or a full-scale language center, you’ll want to present as a business that can get your customers results. The purpose of this highly-customizable, text-heavy template is to keep distractions at bay and get potential customers to focus on your value proposition.

13. Media Platform, the Good Kind of Boxy

Want to help your clients tell a story? Whether you’re a digital marketing agency or content production house, this media-savvy template could be a good fit. Through easily-customizable image blocks and a huge text block, you can brag about your award-winning agency in detail.

14. Inspirational Condo Living, Dare to Dream

Housing costs are on the rise globally, and so is the adaption to condo living. There’s a lot of talk about Millennials preferring avocado toast to home ownership, but fear not, people are still hoping to buy in densely-populated cities.

Which is where this dreamy yet efficient real estate template comes into play. The large, glossy image draws ‘em in and may even persuade them to get in touch.

15. Leafy Green, Sustainable Business

Consumers prefer a good story behind their products, especially ones that are focused on environmental sustainability. This bright and leafy green template is for those that are on a mission to save the planet, and who also coincidentally love a lot of white space in their flyers.

Whether you’re running a multi-million dollar IT firm or a mom and pop shop, our flyer templates will help tell your story in a beautiful and relevant way.

Our design team is working on adding more templates, so if you couldn’t find a good fit for your business, please get in touch with us here.

We’re excited to see what you’re create next.




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