Rachel Choong

Student | London School of Economics

Summer’s over. It is time to head back to school.

We’ve been thinking of what fun, different (and disruptive?) approaches teachers could use in schools. How can the the teaching-learning experience be made more fun and exciting for all involved?

One very exciting new trend we’ve come across is the Flipped Classroom.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

Some years ago, probably inspired by Khan Academy, a few teachers in Colorado purchased some software and filmed themselves giving lectures. They then posted it online for students to access. It was a success for the students – increasing engagement and freeing up time in class.

For the teachers, it was an Eureka moment. Here was their opportunity to rethink how classroom time can be used. These are the heady days of technological empowerment.

We’ll let you see for yourself how a flipped classroom model works! In an infographic no less…

Do you have a flipped classroom? We would like to hear from you! What resources and tools do you use? How are your students responding to it?

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The content is gleaned from Bill Tucker‘s article in Education Next from Winter 2012, http://educationnext.org/files/ednext_20121_BTucker.pdf.

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