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2 Minutes Read | Communications

Andreea Ayers’s Story : How Piktochart got her over 1,000 re-pins on Pinterest and over 11,000 pageviews in one week

The following guest blog post is created by Andreea Ayers. Thank you, Andreea for sharing your story. We are...

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reasons embrace infographics marketing campaign notepad

3 Minutes Read | Communications

4 Vital Reasons to Embrace Infographics in Marketing Campaign

With the emergence of viral marketing as an effective content marketing strategy, infographics are becoming...

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infographic templates themes hot air balloon

2 Minutes Read | Communications

Why Use Infographic Templates/Themes?

Piktochart is an easy drag and drop infographic tool and our main sell at the moment is the ability to...

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database dig data

15 Minutes Read | Communications

8 Useful Databases to Dig for Data (and 100 more)

You already know that data is the bread and butter of reports and presentations. Data makes your presentation...

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