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16 Piktochart Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

Most online tools have their little quirks and hacks that you typically find in one of two ways: either by...

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Semi-Distributed And Proud: Top Remote Work Tips From Piktochart

Not too long ago, the concept of letting your employees work anywhere besides the office seemed like...

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donna moritz interview

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Creating Awesome Visual Content Isn’t Just For Creatives, Says Donna Moritz

When it comes to creating visual content, some of us might feel that we are not sufficiently trained or...

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3 Branding Pillars You Should Take Note of in Your Infographic

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3 Branding Pillars You Should Take Note of in Your Infographic

Let’s start with a simple and basic question: What does branding mean to you? For me, branding is...

Robert Katai Robert Katai

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The Best Free Design Tools for Visual Marketers

In the pre-2000 era, building and growing an internet business was nearly impossible. The start-up cost was...

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70 Well-Designed Resume Examples For Your Inspiration

3 Minutes Read | Design

70 Well-Designed Resume Examples For Your Inspiration

Want to get started right away? Check out these templates! The talent crunch is real, and not just in...

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infographic layout visual arrangement header

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Infographic Layout Cheat Sheet: Making the Best Out of Visual Arrangement

This post is part of our series on infographic design. Check out the other posts here! Good visual...

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learn how use piktochart videos

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Learn How to Use Piktochart!

Become an expert Piktocharter by watching our videos, and you'll be making infographics in no time! Our...

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