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Free Guide: How to Define Objectives that Inspire and Actionable Key Results that Drive Performance

Although companies have always set goals in one way or another, only recently have executives begun to see...

Gosia Kieszkowska

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7 Video Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Audience Reach

Don't you just hate it when you work hard to produce videos consistently only to find out that only less...

Adam Enfoy Adam Enfoy

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Create a Perfect Report Every Time – a Recipe for Success

In just a blink of an eye, we landed in the last quarter of 2019.  Yes, I find it hard to believe...

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choosing good color combinations header

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4 Steps to Choosing Good Color Combinations for Your Infographic

Whether you’re flipping through TV channels, hopping from one website to the other, or simply browsing...

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infographic resume

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How to Create an Infographic Resume That’ll Get You Hired (+10 Inspiring Examples)

Here's an uncomfortable truth: Most resumes end up in the trash. While you spend hours looking over every...

Robin Geuens

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World Cup 2018: Who Will Dominate Beyond The Stadium? [Infographic]

One of the most highly-anticipated events worldwide, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, is just around the corner....

Daniel Tay Daniel Tay

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A Student’s Guide to Getting Started with Piktochart

This post is a part of our guide to using infographics in education. For more information, check out the...

Justin Wiesenfeld Justin Wiesenfeld

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10 Great Infographics for Education

We're getting ready to wrap up back-to-school season. As a former teacher (and complete school supply nerd),...

Romina Viola Romina Viola

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How to Use Piktochart in Any (and Every) Classroom

This post is part of our guide to using infographics in education. For more information, check out the guide...

Mike Petty Mike Petty

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EdTech Our Way: Piktochart’s Favorite Tips and Tricks for Classroom Tech

In human history, there have been three great technological revolutions: the agricultural revolution, the...

Will Fanguy Will Fanguy

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Talking EdTech with Teachers

As Piktochart’s Community Evangelist, fostering community among our 5-million-strong user base is one of my...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

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How To Create an Infographic Syllabus With Piktochart

This post is part of our guide to using infographics in education. For more information, check out the guide...

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Why Infographics Are Essential to a Successful SEO Campaign

We live in an age of information overload. We’ve learned to skim an article or blog post for key points,...

Will Fanguy Will Fanguy

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Are Infographics Still Relevant in Your Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing strategy has changed in the past decade. Visuals like graphics, photos, charts, and graphs...

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30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks And What You Can Learn From Them

If you need to raise funding from VCs for your startup, the first step is to create a pitch deck. A...

Aaron Lee

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Seeing is Believing: 5 Studies about Visual Information Processing

Have you ever wondered how we see things the way we do? Are you curious about how we take in the visuals in...

Will Fanguy Will Fanguy

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10 Amazing Data-Driven Infographics (and How to Create your Own!)

Here at Piktochart, we try to showcase and celebrate great infographics. We want you to see the best of the...

Will Fanguy Will Fanguy

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The 3 Worst Infographic Design Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)

We’ve all been there: You’ve got a big presentation looming, and you want to knock the socks off of your...

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