20+ Business Flyer Examples You Can Edit in Minutes

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business flyer examples you can edit and download in minutes

Flyers have been around since the invention of the printing press in the 1400s.  It was called a “flyer” because it was designed to go far and “fly” from where it was handed out. 

Flyers go by other names, too  — circulars, leaflets, handbills, pamphlets.

Fast forward to today, flyers for business aren’t just limited to print. You’ll also find them online — from social media ads to emails. 

Today, you’re in for a treat! 

In this article, we’ve curated a collection of business flyer templates that you can edit, download, and print in minutes; without needing a graphic designer. 

Whether you own a hair salon or manage a team of a hundred remote employees, keep reading to learn how to create flyers and how you can use them strategically for your business.

Use these catchy and creative flyer examples, templates, and ideas for your business

Before we present a collection of flyer examples and ideas to help you step up your business storytelling game, you’ve probably wondered about the following: 

  • Are flyers still effective?
  • What should I write on a business flyer?
  • When’s the best time to use flyers for my business?

Are flyers still effective?

The team behind FedEx Office was curious about the same question. They did a survey, and here’s what they found out: 

  • 85 percent of the customers surveyed said that they are more likely to buy from small businesses that have professionally printed materials like banners, business cards, and flyers
  • Four out of five small business owners agreed that professionally printed materials (like flyers) helped them stand out from the competition, despite the increased adoption of digital ads

It’s also worth noting that modern flyers aren’t just limited to printed collateral.

You can also share flyers online, embed them in a blog post,  and create them in minutes through an online flyer maker like Piktochart. 

In summary, flyers remain a cost-effective marketing tool, whether you intend to hand them out at your store or use them as a Facebook ad.

What to include in your business flyer 

Before you edit the flyer template of your choice or make one from scratch, your design should include the following: 

  • Your brand logo
  • A catchy headline
  • Your business contact info
  • Your company name
  • Special offers like coupon codes, discounts,  sale details, and other relevant information, such as the name of the venue (if there’s an event)
  • Eye-catching visuals that resonate with the message in your flyer
  • A main call-to-action, like an invitation to scan a QR code, visit a URL, or instructions on what action to take next
business flyer template example if you're running a sale

When to use business flyers 

Business flyers are incredibly versatile. Here are some ideas you can try:  

  • Promote brand awareness online and for a brick-and-mortar business
  • Make an online announcement about a new product launch
  • Bring attention to a promotional campaign
  • Create buzz around your upcoming event
  • Win back lost customers and engage existing customers

Let’s jump right into flyer examples and templates for your business.

1. Bookshop promotion flyer

Invite people to visit your bookshop and encourage them to join your bookstore events — whether online or off-site. 

small business bookshop promotion flyer business flyer templates

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this bookshop flyer template: 

  • Use of bold, unique imagery
  • You’ll know right away what to expect when you purchase from the bookshop
  • Flyer copy appeals to people who love reading and storytelling

2. Real estate flyer

Show off your chic listings and properties with beautiful photography in a real estate flyer. 

real estate business flyer templates using graphic elements

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this real estate flyer template:

  • Elegant and high-quality images that reflect the company’s branding 
  • Use of grid layout to showcase multiple listings or products
  • Clear call-to-action at the bottom

3. App launch flyer

Tell people about the launch of your app through flyers like in the example below. 

app launch business flyer templates to go on your site

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this app launch flyer template:

  • Simple, clean background highlights the most essential information  — the name of the app and its launch date 
  • The benefit of the app is shared upfront

4. Holiday flyer

Tap into the festive mood of the holiday season by giving out discounts or by running a sale. 

holiday style templates

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this holiday flyer template: 

5. B2B flyer

Stand out in the B2B space with a professional business flyer that tells potential buyers what you do, your story at a glance, and how you can help them solve their unique problems. 

B2B business flyer templates

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this B2B flyer template:  

  •  A headline that grabs your attention right away
  •  Strategic use of the color red, which signifies power, passion, and action — all of which describe the B2B scene 
  •  Clearly points out benefits and features
  •  Shares multiple social media handles and contact options

6. Career fair flyer

Attract top talent by running a career fair (virtually or in-person!). Advertise your event through eye-catching flyers like in the example below. 

career fair advertising template

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this career flyer example: 

  • Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold colors if you want to stand out
  • Use shapes to highlight important information about your event
  • Combine two-three different typography styles for a variety

7. Clearance sale flyer

Showcase your products and the accompanying discounts that customers can enjoy in your clearance sale flyer.

clearance sale business flyer templates for a small business advertising

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this clearance sale flyer template:

  • Use product photos and frame them inside a shape (in this case it’s rectangular) to emphasize what you’re selling
  • Pricing is already included upfront in the flyer 
  • Clear business information

8. End-of-season sale flyer

Whether your brand is a power user on Twitter or you’re working on a targeted Facebook ad, ramp up your sales with an end-of-season sale. 

end-of-season flyer template

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this end-of-season flyer template: 

  • The flyer’s design is easy on the eyes
  • Strategic use of negative space
  • The copy “Hurry while supplies last” creates a sense of urgency

9. Fundraiser flyer

Promote your fundraising event and get people to join your cause by pairing visuals and text in a fundraiser flyer. 

fundraiser flyer template

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this fundraiser flyer template: 

  • Use a semi-transparent background image to make your text pop out without obscuring the background
  • Say a lot without using words through icons

10. Grand opening flyer

Drum up interest and get the word out about your store’s first big day with a grand opening flyer. 

grand opening flyer template

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this grand opening flyer template: 

  • Stick to simple shapes, icons, and colors in order not to overwhelm viewers 
  • Inclusion of brand story to make your new offering more authentic 
  • Use of a single icon (ice cream icon) to tell people what your store is all about

11. Boutique flyer

Promote your boutique with a chic, stylish flyer. All it takes is a set of professional product photos, a persuasive copy, and a flyer template! Before you know it, you’re all set in just minutes!

boutique flyer template

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this boutique flyer sale template: 

  • Use borders (black border in the flyer example) in a section of the flyer to help your product photos stand out
  • Choose fonts that help convey your brand’s personality 
  • Beautiful photographs that resonate with your target audience

12. Travel agency flyer

Set your travel agency apart and get more bookings with flyers that double as coupons like the template below.  

travel agency flyer template

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this travel agency flyer template: 

  • High-quality photographs that are relevant to travel and tourism 
  • Flyer also acts as a coupon (not just one but eight coupons!)
  • Flyer copy highlights how the travel agency is different from their competitors

13. Business event flyer 

Drive attendance and draw crowds to your company event through vibrant flyer illustrations like in the example below. 

company event flyer example for a large or small business

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this business event flyer template: 

  • The photograph of the speaker matches the overall design aesthetic of the flyer: edgy but vibrant 
  • Bold font colors against a dark background 
  • Social proof in the flyer copy 

Pro tip: Discover more event flyer design tips and hacks.

14. Beauty product flyer

Make your customers and clients look and feel good while showing off your beauty products with a flyer. You can either print it as part of your customers’ beauty loot or digitally include it in one of your engaging email newsletters

beauty product flyer template for a large or small business

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this beauty product flyer example: 

  • An attention-grabbing image that’s relevant to the industry and target audience 
  • Compelling headline and flyer copy 
  • Product differentiators are highlighted in the flyer 
  • Strategic use of primary color and its accent colors

15. Product sales flyer 

Put the spotlight on your products and boost your sales with a product sales flyer. Start with high-quality photos, add your unique selling point, and wrap up with a clear call-to-action. 

product sales flyer template for a business logo

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this product sales flyer example:

  • Shows the product in context 
  • Mixed fonts are used to make the flyer more attention-grabbing
  • Smart use of color blocking (black and blue)

16. Restaurant flyer

The next time you want to invite restaurant guests and customers, hit two birds with one stone with a flyer that you can share online and offline!

restaurant flyer example using logo

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this restaurant flyer template: 

  • Strategic placement of call-to-action
  • Professional design layout that reflects the brand’s personality and target audience 
  • Clear, compelling headline

17. Contest flyer

Are you throwing a contest? Or planning a giveaway for your customers? Spread the word and grab people’s attention with a flyer!

contest flyer example to customize with photo effects

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this contest flyer example: 

  • A QR code is a hat tip to the brand’s target customers; it also makes it easier for customers to join the contest
  • Images of the prizes make the flyer more enticing
  • Contest mechanics are listed clearly

18. Promotional flyer

You may not have millions for brand advertising, but you can make every penny work in your marketing budget with targeted promotional flyers!

promotional flyer example to customize and download

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this promotional flyer example: 

  • Inclusion of a coupon code
  • Multiple call-to-action statements and buttons
  • Semi-transparent background image, which makes the text stand out 
  • Images and graphics are a perfect complement to the context of the copy (special gifts and giving) 

19. Announcement flyer

Flyers don’t have to be limited to marketing, branding, and sales. You can also use them for internal communications like this announcement flyer template below!

announcement flyer example to use customize and download

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this announcement flyer example: 

  • Flyer’s simple design is easy on the eyes
  • Use of borders to highlight specific texts 
  • A subtle way of using one of the images (monitor) for flyer content 

Pro tip: Aside from flyers, you can also use infographics for internal communications

20. Gym and fitness flyer

Help your potential clients become a better version of themselves by asking them to join your gym or yoga studio. A promotional flyer like the example below is your best bet!

gym and fitness flyer example to use and customize

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this gym and fitness flyer example: 

  • Clean, simple illustration
  • Casual typography styles set the mood of the event 
  • The patterns and pops of color in the background make the overall design look more elegant

21. Corporate flyer 

Corporate event invites don’t have to be photos of men and women looking serious in their suits. Generate buzz for your corporate event with an attention-grabbing flyer like the one below. 

corporate flyer illustrations

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this corporate flyer example: 

  • Creative use of geometric shapes and images
  • Use of branded hashtag specific to the event 
  • Details about the conference are easy to spot

22. Horizontal business flyer example 

Horizontal business flyers are great for sharing timelines. See it in action in the example below. 

horizontal flyer template

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this horizontal flyer example: 

  • Use multiple photos and image frames to showcase the different elements of the vent
  • The arrows make it easier for the audience to follow along
  • Use of QR code for quick and easy registration to the event

23. Food business flyer 

Whether you’re running a bakery or about to start a food catering business, promote a bestseller or introduce a new recipe with tasty-looking food flyers!

food business flyer templete for a large or small business

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this food business flyer template: 

  • Large, appetizing photographs of chocolate products will let you know right away about the nature of this business 
  • Flyer tells the story behind the brand 
  • Creative use of frames and borders

24. Minimalistic flyer

Make a big impact with minimalistic business flyers!  Decide on the most relevant information you want to highlight, and you’re good to go!

minimalistic templates

Flyer design best practices you can learn from this minimalist business flyer example: 

  • A simple color palette coupled with a straightforward layout focuses attention on the flyer details 
  • Deliberate use of letter-spacing to catch the attention of readers

How To Make Flyers for Your Business Even Without Design Experience

Now that you’re brimming with business flyer design ideas and inspiration, watch the short tutorial below to learn how to create flyers using Piktochart (no design skills required!) and grab people’s attention from the get-go. 

While the video shows you how to make an event flyer, you can follow the same steps to create business flyers. 

The great thing about Piktochart is it allows you to make flyers of different sizes. You can even upload your own font styles, allowing you to stick to your branding guidelines.

Find the Right Business Flyer Example and Template To Inspire You

The next time you’re creating a marketing plan, add flyers to your list!

Whether you’re running a month-long promotion or want to get the word out about a product launch, you will find the right flyer example that you can edit and customize in minutes with Piktochart’s library of templates.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood to make one from scratch and start with a blank canvas, you can also do the same thing with Piktochart’s online flyer maker. Visual assets are just a click away. What’s more, you can repurpose your flyers for later use. 

Create your Piktochart account now and get access to a large library of templates for your business storytelling needs.

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