Boost Facebook Engagement in 7 Effective Ways

Figuring out Facebook algorithm may be rocket science, but there’s a way you can keep up with the game by giving your Facebook engagement rates an organic boost.

It’s more than just raking in the likes, shares and other reactions to grow your organic reach on a site that draws in more than 2.4 billion monthly users. 

For many businesses, Facebook is an important marketing channel. How do you know you’re on the right frequency?

It’s all about building positive engagement, says Dawn Kubicek, Social Media Trainer of Leaders in Digital and TEDx speaker. 

Facebook engagement is a very good indicator of how well you connect with your audience and if they care about what you put out there, Kubicek said. High engagement is also a great way to expand your reach to a larger audience, and hopefully potential new customers.

Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious ways you can improve your Facebook engagement ratings and grow your organic reach:

Post share-worthy content 

Content is king and if you have the most interesting content to put out, then you’ve hit checkmate! To know what kind of content clicks, understand who your followers are and what matters to them so that when you post that piece of content, they’re likely to hit the share button.

Give fan content a piece of the limelight, too. Hotels, for example, repost reviews, comments or stunning photos taken by customers in their premises. Using user-generated content is a great way to encourage your audience to feature your brand, while giving your feed some diversity. It’s also proof that people love your brand!

Tap videos for views

Users spend more time watching video content on Facebook, which is why videos tend to get you more engagement than any other type of content (fuelled by Facebook’s autoplay feature). This is also the reason why Facebook’s ranking algorithm tends to favor video content, particularly those that are longer than three minutes where ads can run. 


So if you’re looking to grab users’ attention, post unique videos. Make your videos more eye catching even on mute autoplay by adding captions, banners and text overlays so they pop out in people’s news feeds.

Interact with followers

Encourage conversations about your brand by positively interacting with your followers. If they leave a question or comment through Messenger, respond promptly. If they share a positive review, thank them. When they comment in one of your posts, acknowledge it with a reply. Use emoticons, too. They’re a great way of showing people how you feel.

When users engage with your content, their contacts get a notification of their action, too, which is a great way for you to get more attention. 

Keep the conversation going by throwing out some questions, too. People love it when you value their opinion. With a little encouragement, your audience is sure to engage in the right conversation with you. 

Call your audience to action

It’s not just enough to post links and then expect people to be interested. What are you expecting from your audience? Tell them; whether it is asking them to leave a comment, share your content with others or to click on a link. Proactively push for interaction using specific calls to action in the copy of your Facebook posts. This is going to help you push your engagement to the next level.


Take live videos

Live broadcast on Facebook is a great way to let your audience interact with you real time, and will also help you rake in more engagement even after the broadcast is finished and your video is automatically saved on your page. 

Each time you do a Facebook Live, algorithms give your content a boost, while your fans get a notification. It’s a win-win campaign. Use Facebook Live to feature your events or Q&A sessions and give your audience the chance to peek into what’s going on in your brand. Remember to also interact with live comments, as this helps people connect with your story more. 

Use templates

Visual content is not only favored by Facebook algorithm, but it is also more likely to be shared and remembered than text. One of the best and easiest ways to jazz up your images is to use templates. They are a great way to present your content with the touch of visual magic that you need without the help of a designer. Ready-to-use templates also save you a ton of time so you can focus on enhancing your message.

Find the right timing

Don’t let your post get lost in a sea of content on your fans’ news feeds. Know when they are online so you can plan your posts according to their online sessions. 

To know when your audience is most active, check out the Insights page on your company Facebook page, and click on the Posts section. This will give you useful graphs that will show your fans’ online activity patterns and save you time that you can use to focus on making your Facebook presence more engaging.

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