User Story: Beakon UK– How to Add Human Touch to Content Marketing

“Piktochart allows you to make nice visuals really quick. And in our business, time is everything.” – Alkisti Malami

Content marketing has been all the buzz in the digital stratosphere for some time now. It is however, a game many can name but a few can play even fewer can play it well. Right from the start, Beakon UK has been in a league of its own by uniquely positioning its service as a boutique digital content agency.

Carving out a bold new way

beakon-uk-bloginsert4-2381743Alkisti Malami, co-founder of Beakon UK, has come to this answer after years working in the social media and community management field. The chosen ‘boutique’ approach is to specialize Beakon UK’s service to achieve greater quality. In this case, it all boils down to content and community. Designing social media campaigns, conducting research, benchmarking, content marketing and community management are all within Beakon UK’s arsenal. Throughout fruitful collaborations with international brands in the past years, Alkisti has proved Beakon UK’s unique quality in being brand ambassadors and communicating in a more ‘human’ way.

Communication done right at first sight

The number one goal is, of course, to get the message across as lucidly as possible. It’s not always as easy as it sounds though.

“In this day and time when technology dominates communication, people prefer real reactions, genuine contents, not just generic headlines. Implementing strategies and campaigns in the digital world, we have learnt the hard way about how important it is to convey messages to our audience in an effective and time-saving manner.

For us not only content but context is key. The best way is to go visual when opting to highlight an issue. Either it is an infographic, a chart, or a simple image, the message is much more direct to our audience, hence the more compelling it is to us.

Adding visual attributes to our brand, Beakon UK, but also to our clients’ brands, is not an option anymore, but a prerequisite.”

Create the kind of content anyone would kill to read, efficiently

Being aware of the need to tell stories visually, Alkisti took time to find the right tool for the task.

“We need to conceptualize all our ideas to deliver the message effectively, and Piktochart is perfect for that. I have been using Piktochart for 7 months. I can make just a simple banner, a chart, or a whole infographic, whatever I want! The flexibility is great.”

Alkisti also finds out that thanks to Piktochart, now she’s able to create the kind of unique content she could not before. What’s better, that is the kind of content attracting lots of traffic.

“Regarding Beakon UK’s blog, we consider a post successful when we achieve targeted engagement and our content is interesting and shareable. There were many contents I made that were inspired by the layouts from Piktochart. A nice example is this infographic. It got so many reactions and engagements because it was able to cover a deep, heavy topic in a light and enjoyable way.

Before this, I didn’t make any infographic, not because I didn’t have the tool. The difference of Piktochart is that it’s just very easy to use!”

The advantage Piktochart brings to Beakon UK turns out even bigger when Alkisti considers the most important factor of all: “Piktochart allows you to make nice visuals really quick. In our business, time is everything, so this is a crucial selling point.”

Not only Alkisti, but her team is also on the same page. Three out of six core members of Beakon UK are ‘content’ people, and as you can guess, all of them use Piktochart to create creative content while being independent of the IT guys.

“Piktochart has certainly contributed to spreading our knowledge and perception of our industry to the world out there and to making our message stand out among tons of information that bombard our screens every day.

It has certainly added value to our work and we would never consider stopping using it.”

And when we asked for a piece of advice for people who are new to Piktochart, Alkisti replied right away: “Just take your time exploring all the different themes and experimenting all the ideas you have on a blank canvas. In that way you’ll quickly find your personal styles and finish the visuals in no time with Piktochart!”

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