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Marketers need to focus their entire marketing strategies directly around the customer. The mass marketing era is over, replaced by the relationship era of marketing, in which personalisation and delivering relevant content at scale across all the digital channels reigns supreme.
– Simon Robinson, Responsys

Successful marketing campaigns build the values of your brand. It brings financial repercussion that some businesses cannot afford to face if failed. A successful marketing campaign should revolve around your customers/users.

Take the quote from Simon Robinson, for instance.

Marketing campaigns should not be about pushing your products out, but giving reason to why your products exist. Campaigns should focus communication with users and crowdsourcing. Effective campaigns require in-depth understanding of your target audience.

  • 2.4 billion Internet users
  • 61% research products online
  • 34% go online mostly with Mobile
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Clearly, the best place to access to a large quantity of users is through digital marketing. Being user focused on marketing campaign helps in many ways. Assuredly, the most important of all would definitely be saving costly campaign that brings high return. But there are other benefits that will serve your business well in the long run. Taking examples from the industry leaders, here are four reasons why being user-focused keeps your marketing campaign afloat.

1. Win the war for people’s attention

In this information overload era, it’s easy for your brand to be drowned and forgotten. However, focusing on your buyers gives you the upper hand. You will know who they are and what they like. You will know what catches their attention.

Consider how Dollar Shave Club uses eccentricity to win people’s attention:

Dollar Shave Club: Bizarre way to outstanding victory

Razors are old news, but their viral video, personality and quirky business model gave them an edge in this otherwise saturated market. The campaign gets 12,000 orders within two days upon released. Check out how well they’ve nailed it.


You’ve got to know what catches your prospects’ attention or stand to lose them even before you have them. It would be like trying to wave to the person who turns his back on you. Know who they are, what they like or dislike and what compels them into action.

Be User Focussed - Dollar Shave

2. Get users to evangelize your product

In a war, breaking through the entrance of a fortified castle is already half battle won. Let’s face it, there are so many new products and services being introduced every day. So, what better way to break through the entrance, but through our prospect users.  Give the prospects what they really want and they’ll happily open the gate for you (an other potentials too).

Consider how Evernote grows through loyal users:

Evernote: Growth through users

They have a largely organic growth through word of mouth and having a great product. Evernote has a lot of meet-ups and continues to organize a lot of offline events to get in touch and reward their users for being loyal to them. In turn, their users become evangelists. Here’s more on their user-centric efforts.


Entry barrier sometimes is easier to breach with your supporters. It’s easier and more effective. Entering may be easy, but to gain supporters that requires hard work. Besides offering great products, you need to make them willing to talk about your products and opens the door to more prospect. Attentive listening and communication are key to advocacy.

Be User Focussed - Evernote

3. Build relationships, drive loyalty

We all know that nothing beats word of mouth marketing. And the best way to build your loyal base of brand advocates is communication through digital marketing. Constant engagements, custom content, listen and communicate with your current users help build stronger relationships. Which in turn, empowers them to help promote your brand through word of mouth marketing.

Consider how FreshBooks go to great lengths in building an army of loyal user base:

FreshBooks: Making users love you them

They are a company that knows exactly who their target audience is and have gone out to crazy lengths in order to get new users. By constantly being present at conferences where their users are and finding ways to help and feature their users, they have done amazingly well.


If your current users are not singing your praises, you are in trouble. Continuous engagement, custom content, and perceptive listening are important measures you have to take if you want to build loyal consumers.

Be User Focussed - Freshbooks

4. Funnel the right content through the right channel, at the right time

Imagine putting up a BMW marketing campaign on a social network site filled with Audi fans. Funny, isn’t it? This happens all the time. You may think it’s crazy or perhaps a bold attempt on innovation. However, bold or innovative one may think, it’s truly not feasible. Why go for a high investment campaign with low return. Focus on the right channel with the right prospect to gain high return.

Consider how Kissmetrics makes meaningful reach to users and build authority through quality:

Kissmetrics: Thought leadership through quality content

Kissmetrics does minimal advertising, but all about great content. They are one newsletter that we at Piktochart loyally continue to subscribe to because it contains so much good information for startups that make decisions based on data.


Know what your users look for and where they go to find what they are looking for. Reach out to them there and give them what they want. This way, you gain the support from the right crowd.

Be User Focussed - Kissmetrics

Get your full content in the infographic below.

Not sure where to start?

Here are some tools to help you get going. There are many analysis tools available for learning and analyzing prospects. There is a wide range of useful data you can use. They range from trending discussions to browsing behaviors, buying behaviors, feedbacks, and many others. Here are some suggestions.

Trending topics

Customer Analytics Tool

Clickstream Analysis Tools

Voice of Customer Tools

Social Analytics

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