Justin Wiesenfeld

Customer Success Guru | Piktochart

Heads up, Piktochart peeps — Piktochart is heading back to South by Southwest!

We’re excited to be going to Austin, TX for SXSW, and not just for the barbecue and Mexican food. We’ve got big plans for the festival, and we want you to be part of them.

For the uninitiated, SXSW is a multi-week festival focused on the celebration, discovery, and discussion of music, film, and technology. While we would love to put on our singing caps and film critic glasses, we will only be around for the interactive portion of SXSW.

This isn’t our first rodeo, though. In 2014, we made the decision to branch out of Asia and attend more international/global events like Web Summit and SXSW.

We’ve been attending these conferences the past few years, and we’ve had a blast meeting new and interesting people and learning new things about our company and other startups.

The reason why we attend the same festival and bring Pikto-madness to SXSW has always been the same:

  • To network and form new partnerships
  • To talk face-to-face with real users
  • To learn new things about other startups and technologies and bring those lessons back to rest of the team


Seems like a lot of things to accomplish, right? Keeping our goals in mind, we also want to attend as many speaking events as possible.

Talks you should look out for

This year’s interactive schedule has so many awesome panels and speakers that we’ve been having a hard time choosing where to go.

Here are just a few panels that we have our eyes on this time round:

Come find us and say hello! We’d love to chat with you, and you’ll quickly find out that we are perfectly capable of talking about life outside of visual storytelling (although we’d love to talk about that subject with you too).

Here are our Piktochart ambassadors (hailing from Salt Lake City, Barcelona, Austin, Cordoba, and Penang) who will be out and about:

  • Jacqueline, if you are interested in doing a joint event
  • Marta, if you are keen to do guest blogging or partnerships
  • Justin, if you are interested in workshops or demos
  • Romi, if you are passionate in helping us grow our Spanish community
  • Elvin, if you just want to talk about all things product-related

Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter if you feel so inclined.

In fact, while you’re scrambling to jot down where Piktochart is going to be, we’ll let you in on a little secret — we will be hosting a panel, too.

startup hubs outside the valley southeast asia sxsw

Our very own community evangelist, Jacqueline Jensen, will be moderating a discussion about startup hubs in Southeast Asia. Speaking about the culture, the environment, and the future of Southeast Asian startups are influencers Cheryl Goh, Cheryl Yeoh, and Jeffrey Paine.

To say we are excited would be a huge understatement. We may be biased, if you had to attend just one event at SXSW, we think this should be it.


Raising Southeast Asia’s profile

When asked about why we decided to host a panel on this topic, Jacqueline said:

“Over the years, our team has become a leader in the Southeast Asia startup scene, especially in our hometown of Penang, Malaysia. When we decided to attend SXSW in 2016, we started brainstorming how we could share the excitement happening in Southeast Asia with others at the conference. We decided to submit a panel proposal – and were thrilled to hear the SXSW community voted to accept it!”

We think this is an important discussion to be had, and the topics we hope to discuss could factor into the startup landscape for the next few decades. Being based in Southeast Asia (Penang, Malaysia, to be specific) instead of more traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley or Austin has raised a few eyebrows at times.

We want to show that this region should be taken seriously, and that it’s now a major player in terms of the talent it produces and the businesses that thrive in the area. We also think that the region’s overarching lifestyle, culture, and mentality fit well with our company’s vision and values.

Mark your SXSW calendars, jot it down in your notebooks, make mental notes, camp out, or make some kind of reservation. Our panel will be March 11th, 2016 at 5 PM in the Hilton Austin Downtown.

If you can’t make it, don’t sweat it! We will be Periscoping the panel, so make sure to follow @piktochart on Twitter for details. We hope to see you there and around Austin during the festival!