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A collection of  infographics for the new school term including ideas how to engage students, educational technology in the classroom and potential issues.

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In the classroom


Every classroom in college is bound to have a student or two that sticks out from the rest. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is in the eye of the pencil holder. Check out the list of 16 students you will mostly likely be meeting as an educator. By


A first Day To-Do-List for any teacher

Mia MacMeekin from An Ethical Island blog created tons of infographics to help fellow teachers; here we feature only 5 of of them, thus we encourage you to check Mia’s blog (or Piktochart Pinterest board) for more!

The first day of class - a guide for a teacher | #infographics made in @PiktochartLinks to the featured infographics:

 Gamification in education

Where Does Gamification Fit in Higher Education? Are points and badges a waste of time, or the key to unlocking hidden motivation in college students? (Source:

Gamification of education

Tech in classroom

EdTech Cheat Sheet – Understanding new trends in Educational technology

Keeping up with all of the latest trends in technology can be quite exhausting. It seems as if every other week there is another new device, term, or concept that is sweeping through Twitter, Facebook, and industry publications. Given that it can become easy to get lost in the chatter, we wanted to take a moment and share this infographic by Boundless. (Source:

EdTech Cheat Sheet - Understanding new trends in Educational technology

BYOD to the classroom

Bring Your Own Device or BYOT ( Bring Your Own Technology ) has started in the business world with corporations encouraging their employees to bring their own technology devices such as  laptops to use in the work place. This was a strategy to cut down on technology costs and spendings because of the financial crisis the world has witnessed in the recent couple of years. The strategy worked quite well and without even knowing it, it moved to education and so many school districts are embracing it. (Source:

Bring your own device to the classroom

Blended learning

Here, we look at what blended learning is, why it’s spreading, and how it works in real and virtual classrooms. (Source:

Blended learning - infographics

Evernote for teachers

This infographic quickly summarizes how teachers can use Evernote.

Evernote for teachers (Piktochart infographics)

Pinterest for teachers have put together the following infographic, which details how teachers can use Pinterest to organize lesson plans, distribute curricula, collaborate with other faculty, and even encourage student participation. (via Mashable)

How Educators Use Pinterest

Issues in the classroom

What is ADHD?

ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders. Recent data indicates that up to 8-10% of school age children meet the necessary criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD (Academy of Pediatrics, 2001). (via

What is ADHD?


Bullying may be regarded, by some, as part of the school ground learning experience. However, with today’s access to digital technology, bullying has gone much further than school gates. If educators wish to educate a digital population, to help guide digital citizens of today and tomorrow, then undoubtedly, cyber-bullying needs to be openly discussed in the classroom. (via CristinaSkyBox)
Piktochart user created an infographic on this topic that includes lots of useful information and links to read more:


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