2 Minutes Read | Design

5 Quick and Easy Presentation Tips For Non-Designers

Being a non-designer is no excuse for mediocre-looking slides. Anyone persistent enough can develop an eye...

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4 advantages of good presentations

2 Minutes Read | Communications

4 Advantages of Well-Designed Presentations

There are two kinds of public speakers. There are the great ones who can arrest and retain attention with...

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< 1 Minute Read | Communications

Text vs. Images: Deciding How to Effectively Present Content

There are times when you can’t decide whether to do a text-only post or an image-only post. While each has...

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4 Minutes Read | Communications

5 Storytelling Archetypes and How to Use Them in Marketing

Storytelling has become a good technique for building strong relationships with customers and a booming...

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4 Minutes Read | Design

3 Ways to Reduce Information Overload with Infographics

People are exposed to different streams of information every day: emails, news, and social media feeds are...

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5 Minutes Read | Design

3 Infographic Design Tips That Will Give Your Presentations a Serious Boost

Infographics can engage both visual and casual learners who want summaries of facts in minutes. Their...

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font typefaces business pitch

5 Minutes Read | Communications

3 Font Tips That Will Spice Up Your Business Pitch

If there’s one thing presenters can learn from effective web design, it’s this: Users only read 28...

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How to Build Credibility in Your Business Presentations With Numbers

3 Minutes Read | Communications

How to Build Credibility Into Your Business Presentations With Numbers

Credible facts are a great way to establish your brand’s reputation. It's hard to argue against them,...

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visual infographics business pitch maximum impact

4 Minutes Read | Communications

Go Visual: Use Infographics to Give Your Business Pitch Maximum Impact

This post was written by Rick Enrico, the CEO and Founder of SlideGenius, Inc. He regularly publishes...

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