13 Minutes Read | Communications

7 Easy Growth Hack Techniques That Give Immediate Results

When I was a non-techie just barely getting introduced to the world of growth hacking, I always wondered —...

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3 Minutes Read | Announcement

#PiktoTurns5: Enjoy 5 Days of Freebies Plus Chance to Win an iPad!

Cue the fireworks — Piktochart is finally five years old. Five! We’re like a cutesy toddler that thinks...

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Piktochart has an amazing new maps feature

4 Minutes Read | Design

Take Storytelling to Another Level with Piktochart’s Improved Map Visualizations

If geography is prose, maps are iconography. - Lennart Meri Following our very well-received charts...

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Kickstart your content marketing campaign with this webinar

1 Minute Read | Communications

How to Fuel Your Marketing Campaigns With Great Content [Webinar]

Attention all you marketing folks out there! If you’ve been wondering how to get started with your...

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6 Minutes Read | Communications

How We Use Email Marketing to Onboard, Convert, and Retain Customers

“Forget the naysayers, email marketing was ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment,...

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7 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Why And How We Gave Our Website Design a Major Overhaul

We believe in transparency and in letting people try what we have to offer. First impressions count, and so...

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3000 new photos search function

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

3000 New Photos and a Photo Search Function

“3000 new photos added to our library throughout the last 10 weeks. That’s 300 photos a week!” New...

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new theme business infographic resume templates

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Theme: Business and Infographic Resume Templates

Cover letters and business/formal type infographics have been an all-time high demand template for Piktochart...

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product update charts feature improvement is now live

3 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Product Update: Charts Feature Improvement Is Now Live

There is a magic in graphs. The profile of a curve reveals in a flash a whole situation — the life history...

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product update new download options optimize offline infographics

3 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

Product Update: New Download Options to Optimize Offline Infographics

I believe in a visual language that should be as strong as the written word. - David LaChapelle Piktochart...

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all-new LITE pricing plan rolls out

2 Minutes Read | Announcement

The All-New LITE Pricing Plan Rolls Out

This pricing plan is best suited for small business owners, marketers on low budget, higher education...

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text frame photo frame window border

2 Minutes Read | All Things Piktochart

New Features: Text Frames and Photo Frames are live!

It’s all about providing inspiration, cutting down designing frustrations and complications and giving you...

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my visual story greatest told trip

1 Minute Read | Announcement

#MyVisualStory: 30 Days To The Greatest Story Told

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them." - Ira Glass Our ‘My Visual Story’ Instagram campaign...

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