user story jonathan rogers joy engaging students journalism technology

5 Minutes Read | Communications

User Story: Jonathan Rogers on the joy of engaging students in journalism with technology

What is the greatest class for a high school student? Journalism is the answer of Jonathan Rogers. From...

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user story gina yeagley importance knowing marketing

4 Minutes Read | Communications

User Story: Gina Yeagley on The Importance of Knowing What You’re Marketing

A few years ago, marketing was perceived as the act to sell things that make them seem better than they...

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user story tosca killoran empower kids technology

5 Minutes Read | Education

User Story: Tosca Killoran on how to empower kids with awesome technology

“I chose Piktochart because it is straightforward with an intuitive interface. I know that the kids already...

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tell stories infographic traffic visible takeaways

4 Minutes Read | Communications

15 Valid Reasons to Use Infographics

You’re on board with the idea of using infographics to revamp your communication material, but you find...

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inspirations infographic idea bulb light

6 Minutes Read | Design

25 Inspirations for your Next Infographic

“The one thing that you have, that nobody else has, is you. Your voice. Your mind. Your story. Your...

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user story beakon uk human touch content marketing hand sand

3 Minutes Read | Communications

User Story: Beakon UK– How to Add Human Touch to Content Marketing

“Piktochart allows you to make nice visuals really quick. And in our business, time is everything." -...

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