Ai Ching

CEO | Piktochart

Hi all

We are so excited to bring some great enhancements to Piktochart! However like every change that happens, we have really had to think a lot about the interface redesign. When we launched the bottom menu in February this year, there was a great amount of requests from users who were not design savvy to reinstate a more “categorical” format of organizing the icons etc. The other part of Piktochart’s users (who were more tech savvy) were however very content with the bottom menu. For an editor like piktochart, it was impossible to maintain 2 separate tool bars/versions (bottom menu and left menu) and therefore we decided to go with the group of the users who were not design savvy. Afterall, we are known as the “infographic editor for non designers” 😀

The underlying factor for the redesign was also an overhaul on the canvas although the changes are subtle they are not noticeable. The selection of items is made a lot easier and the app is also faster. On top of that, it now works on Safari and Internet Explorer (the previous version of did not work on Safari and Internet Explorer). We have also improved the platform significantly to allow for future features that we are planning including giving more search engine friendly goodness to the users and coming out with better output formats.

We have however learned to communicate this better. In the future, we will send emails to notify about any great interface change at least 1-2 weeks before the release date and 1 day after the change. We are still continuously learning from you guys so please write to us at any time, support[at]piktochart[dot]com. We thank you so much for staying with us on this journey with Piktochart.

These are some of the most talked about changes on Piktochart 🙂

1. Rotating

Click on any object and you will see a white dot at the top. Drag it  around to rotate an object.
rotate image on piktochart

2. Zoom in and out

We have removed the zoom in and out because it caused quite a few problems with the position of the objects that were within the canvas. You can alternatively use CTRL – (zoom out with CTRL and minus key) and CTRL + (zoom in with CTRL and plus key).

3. How to re-order blocks

Notice the 5 buttons on the left of a block when you click on it? You can easily move blocks up and down, duplicate, delete, and add new ones 🙂

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 12.51.52 PM

4. Upload image

Upload images is now nested in Add – Graphics – Uploaded images

how to upload image on piktochart