6 Expert Tips For a Winning Presentation w/ Tutorials

Presentations should not just be a set of bullet points on a slide.

They must tell a story that will impact your audience.

Whether you are trying to spread information or pitching your business idea, pack purpose into that slide deck you are showing.

What makes a winning presentation?

We spoke to Cipriano Mayor, a Magnet Program Director and Professional Excellence Manager at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, for some pro tips. 

Mayor oversees nursing excellence programs and hospital-wide initiatives; working alongside teams to maintain accreditation status for the hospital.

His biggest achievement so far is steering Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi to getting the UAE’s first Magnet status, considered the gold standard of nursing excellence in the world.

“My line of work requires me to do a lot of speaking engagements internally and out there,” Mayor says, adding he has also been invited to present his work to nursing communities at conferences in Prague, Zurich and Dubai this year.

Mayor is often on his feet, telling a story that helps colleagues understand attractive growth opportunities for their company.

photo of an expert presenter speaking at a conference
Cipriano Mayor speaks at a conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“I am still the jotting-on-the-paper kind of guy but work demands a more professional approach. In some cases, I use Survey Monkey and Kahoots. For other processes, my team uses Piktochart,” he says.

What was the best comment he received for his presentation?

“An interactive visual presentation is always received well. The best compliment is when someone tells me that a rather hard-to-grasp topic becomes engaging and clearer to them, compared to learning it on their own,” he shares.

Mayor reveals some of his expert tips to walk you through the process of creating a winning presentation:

1. Pick the most appropriate tool

presentation deck template about stress in the workplace

The backbone of any presentation is the tool you will be working on. There are tons of presentation solutions that help you engage with your audience and communicate your message.

Take advantage of their features to help you plan your presentation. For example, here’s how you can make the most of your presentation with Piktochart. Get your free account to access Piktochart’s free online presentation maker.

You can also check out this review of the 7 best presentation software that you can use.

2. Tap those templates

presentation deck template for marketing reports

Presentation templates not only save you time creating your presentation, but they help you create a standardized approach that lets you focus on creating a persuasive and engaging presentation.

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image of Piktochart presentation templates

3. Use big fonts

a presentation deck template with large fonts

You’re done selecting the platform. Now, move on to the message. Make sure your presentation is easy on the eyes with short text and bullet points that can be read by everyone, even the person at the back of the room.

4. Balance words and visuals

Put your content up high so that it is the first thing that jumps at your audience. Don’t forget to dress up your presentation with visuals. If you’re literally illustrating a point, make it big. 

photo of a presenter in a stage while using a presentation slide with visuals and words
Cipriano Mayor presents to healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

4. Check your spelling and grammar

presentation deck template with black, gold, and white colors

Nothing is as off-putting as a presentation riddled with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Misspelled words indicate carelessness or ignorance. Polish your presentation by using a grammar checker to catch any typos and grammatical mistakes.

5. Declutter your slide

A cluttered presentation can overwhelm your audience and take their attention away from your message. Cut out the clutter by avoiding long sentences. Remember, your presentation is just your supporting material, not your full script.

6. Be prepared for a show

new year presentation deck template

Although visual tools can help, the character of the messenger also determines the outcome of a winning presentation.

Remember that people are in the room with you to learn something new, so make sure to make it fun and engaging for everyone.

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