4 Vital Reasons to Embrace Infographics in Marketing Campaign

With the emergence of viral marketing as an effective content marketing strategy, infographics are becoming vital in luring and retaining visitors with useful information in an attractive format. Infographics have long been used by major companies to illustrate statistics, research results, and business presentations, but are now increasingly prevalent as a website marketing and promotional tool.

It has become so popular that it’s being used in the presidential election campaign, where it services as one of the Obama-Biden campaign’s chief media tools on major social networks.


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Based on the studies performed by BitRebels and LinchpinSEO (as you can find below), here are the 4 vital reasons to embrace infographics in marketing campaign.

1. Infographic increases traffic over time

In the beginning, the first adoption of infographics will likely be a huge departure from the usual level of traffic. And it will most likely grow exponentially and achieve some degree of stardom on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

2. Infographic is a good, future-minded investment

But more information from BitRebels indicates that infographics are good, future-minded investments for websites for those who are looking for an upward trend in their overall traffic. Converting from the conventional method to infographics was a big improvement. But, subsequent releases of graphical information grew even more popular. This accumulation of new visitors can be attributed to a spike in social media prominence, overall interest, and the rising profile of the infographic medium over the same period of time. Hence, for businesses that need a dramatic shift in their making strategy should adopt infographics because it simply works. It can be a successful, long-term investment in the success of their site.

3. Infographic improves not just traffic, but overall authority and rankings

The improvements in the website’s traffic and its overall authority have also proven to improve Google search engine rankings. With higher search ranking, a high return on investment, and access to viral promotion via social media websites, there is simply no better marketing strategy than to embrace infographics.

4. Infographic is interesting and engaging

Visitors will find infographics interesting and engaging, making it worthy of sharing on social media networks especially Facebook. It also encourages visitors to discover websites for the first time. On the other hand, website operators will use them to discover the joy of unparalleled success of new and returning readers.

The proof that infographics have become a driving force in marketing is not simply anecdotal. Let’s dig into the increasing tractions of the following businesses that use infographics in marketing campaign.

Companies that Use Infographics Experience Tenfold Increase in Social Media Engagement

bitrebels-3031401 is one of the many sites that embrace infographics for website marketing and viral reach. It is a good example of how the strategy can impact the number of visitors and social media shares that a company received. BitRebels have put together a study of the impact of using the conventional method (primarily text) versus the impact of using a standard infographic to accomplish the same task.

The observation indicated an exponential increased in number of tweets on Twitter.

  • Conventional content: 62 tweets / retweets
  • Engaging infographic as content: 578 tweets / retweets

Twitter is not the only channel where businesses can benefit from using infographic as content marketing strategy.

For BitRebels, on the same block of content posted at the same period of time, they have observed to following promising tractions.

  • Google+ : the number of +1 votes increased by 120%
  • LinkedIn : the number of posts shared increased from 7 to 51
  • StumbleUpon : the number of page views increased from 39 to 330

Based on the social engagement activities count such as Facebook likes, LinkedIn shares, and Twitter retweets, the following were observed.

  • Conventional content received 243 engagements
  • Infographic content received 1,091 engagements

The increment in numbers of engagements is relatively equivalent to higher leads. It is an important figure for higher leads conversion that can lead to sales. It is also one of the reasons that many companies are going for an engagement through infographic over conventional content strategy.

Effectiveness of Infographics in Marketing Campaign Once Again Proven


LinchpinSEO is a Chicago-based company that constantly looks for new ways to promote its clients’ websites. Similar study on the impact of conventional versus graphical content was conducted.

The results largely fell in line with the study done by BitRebels—the traffic levels greatly improved with the presence of infographics within a month.

  • An increased of Internet users by 632%
  • Average time spent on the websites increased by 84%
  • Referral traffic increased over 1,000%
  • Direct traffic nearly increased by 2,400%

Also observed during the study was the cost of the average infographic was just 1 cent per visitor. This is due to the increased levels of traffic and revenue. That made infographic one of the most affordable ways to boost a website’s reach. In fact, it is virtually negligible in terms of the website’s overall marketing budget.

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