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3000 New Photos and a Photo Search Function

“3000 new photos added to our library throughout the last 10 weeks. That’s 300 photos a week!”

New Photos Added To The Piktochart Library

During the past 10 weeks, we’ve been sending our designers on a mission around the globe to snap 3000 quality photos for you. Barcelona! Venice! Austin! Salt Lake City! Kuala Lumpur! Just kidding!

That’s partially exaggerated, but what’s true is that we’ve added 3000 new photos into the Piktochart editor library! These photos include shots of food & drinks, scenery, people, education, technology and more. You have to see it with your own eyes! They are compiled from these following sources:

Introducing the PhotoSearch Prototype P-3000

Don’t take the name seriously. But yes, we’ve also come up with a search function to help you browse through photos (previously only available for icons). With a total of x photos in the library now, we believe that having this search bar will help ease your burden of surfing through them all to find the exact photo that suits your design or topic.

new-photo-search-feature-4319013It’s a minor product update, but we hope the addition of the search and the wide array of new photos bring you better variety in terms of selecting the right imagery for your infographic design. Here’s a preview of several of the new photos added into the library:

new-photos-preview-1835687We hope with all our hearts that these additions will do you good. Let us know how you like our new photos!


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