1 Video + 1 Slideshare about Piktochart

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First, about the video…

We got our own in-house marketing person to star for the video. We came up with a lot of concepts but stuck with this one which was about Information + Graphics = Infographics. The blender concept in the middle of the video showed how magically Piktochart would transform a combination of information + graphics into infographics.

The second half of the video showed a simple walk through of Piktochart.

What do you think of the concept? Watch and let us know!

Secondly, about the Slideshare …

Piktochart Infographics #MyStartupStory from piktochart

Our friends at Slideshare told us that they were organizing an exciting contest called #MyStartupStory. Lots of startups are due to participate so we thought, “Why not?” Let’s go try to come up with a story. We took some inspiration from’s slides, but we do not have a magical million of users so… we decided to just introduce the roots of Piktochart, which is an under-highlighted story that we are based in Penang. Yet, we serve a primarily American and European market.

Piktochart had some real ups and downs as shown in the deck. We were not always popular in the beginning and a couple of changes we introduced were really, really unpopular with the users. Our photographer had fun capturing really funny faces in the office to bring out the essence of the story. This is our 3 days attempt of telling a Piktochart story, as told by the team behind Piktochart.

Check it out and let us know your comments below!

Thank you for reading us!