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From social ads to event promos, generate professional banners instantly. With a simple prompt, you can create a banner in seconds for free.

The new way of creating banners

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Make it Quick

From idea to banner in 10 seconds

Say goodbye to the long hours of design work. Simply share your prompt, and our AI banner generator will provide a beautiful banner in no time.

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Make it Happen

High-quality designs for any theme

Whether it’s for a YouTube channel, Facebook profile, or any social media channel, Piktochart AI offers a custom banner design for your branding. Explore a world of stunning visuals that align with any topic.

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Make it Yours

Precision in every pixel

With our extensive template library, you’re guaranteed to find a match for whatever banner you envision—no matter what you need. Then, it’s over to you to customize your banner to however you see fit.

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Banners created using Piktochart’s AI-powered banner generator

How to Create a Banner Using AI

1. Bring Your Banner to Life With a Prompt

Whether it’s “Launching Our Summer Collection” or “Sign Up for Our Free Webinar”, start the process by sharing what you want to create in just a few words (up to 120 characters).

2. Select Your Ideal Banner Template

Jump into our selection of high-quality banner templates instead of building from the ground up. These templates are crafted to enhance every message. After picking the right template, you’ll enter our banner design space.

3. Customize in the Piktochart Banner Editor

With your chosen template, hit the “Customize Banner” button to launch the Piktochart editor. Here, you have the freedom to adjust, edit, and align the design with your brand’s identity and the banner’s goal.

4. Incorporate Graphics and Visual Elements

Enhance your banner by adding unique elements using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Choose from an extensive collection of free graphics, icons, and visuals to make your banner pop, or upload your own visuals to give it a personal touch.

5. Publish and Promote Your Banner

Once you’re happy with the visual, save your work and download it in various formats like JPG, PNG, or PDF. It’s now ready to be shared with the world—on social media, in your email campaigns, or on your website.

AI-Powered Visualization for Any Topic

What kinds of banners can be generated using this AI tool?

Designing banners should be inspiring, not overwhelming. Piktochart AI makes it easy to find the right fit for your message, from social media to event promotions, without the stress of endless design choices.

Social media banner

Create an eye-catching banner that captures the attention of your target audience. With our AI banner maker, it’s effortless to create captivating banners for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, or any other social media channels.

Blog banner

Educate and inform your audience with a glance. Piktochart AI transforms information into clear and engaging visuals to increase awareness and motivate action on your blog or website.

Advertising and promotion banner

Promote a product or business service, drive traffic to a website, or announce an event or sale with Piktochart AI’s user-friendly banner generator.

Ready to use AI to create unique banners?

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Yes, and it’s simple! Just pick your design from a template, then easily add images and charts from our large visual asset library or upload your own. Create professional-looking banners quickly with our tool, no complex design skills needed.

Every user can generate up to 4 banners a day on any plan. If you sign up for a free Piktochart account, you get 10 additional AI generations every month. Pro users get 100 AI generations and Business users get 300 AI generations every month. For unlimited editing and more features, upgrade to an advanced plan.

For better results, describe your topic in detail. Experiment with various prompts to find the best fit.

No sign-up is needed until you decide to edit, customize, or download your visual.