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User Story: How Training Consultants Can Use Visuals To Communicate Persuasively

Imagine that you work in education, and your role as a training consultant has you focusing on developing the...

Wilson Moy Wilson Moy
6 Ways to Create Visually Stunning Nonprofit Emails

4 Minutes Read | Communications

6 Ways to Create Visually Stunning Nonprofit Emails

You work hard to connect with supporters through regular email newsletters, fundraising appeals, and event...

Miranda Paquet Miranda Paquet
donna moritz interview

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Creating Awesome Visual Content Isn’t Just For Creatives, Says Donna Moritz

When it comes to creating visual content, some of us might feel that we are not sufficiently trained or...

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User Story: How Visual Content Drives Social Change in Africa

In this user story, we talk with Jerusha Govender, Founder and Director of Data Innovator, about how visual...

Jacqueline Jensen Jacqueline Jensen

10 Minutes Read | Leadership

2015 Was Awesome. Here’s How 2016 Will Be Even Better

2015 is coming to an end. Here are some of the important events that happened over the past 12 months: ...

Marta Olszewska Marta Olszewska

8 Minutes Read | Communications

Building Trust And Relationships: Why And How We do Content Marketing

At Piktochart, we love and appreciate all things organic. Organic is healthy, protects our ecosystem, and...

Marta Olszewska Marta Olszewska
user story nonprofit founder bianca hadzic inspires people take action

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User Story: Nonprofit Founder Bianca Hadzic Inspires People to Take Action

Bianca Hadzic , founder of Books Over Bombs, is breaking the mould of guilt-driven marketing to inspire young...

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