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World Startup Report

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“Step by step we’re moving forward; little by little we’re gaining ground.

Piktochart is here to present a superb anaytics infographic report that offers guidance on Start-ups. It is about sharing knowledge on a particular subject or something you want to raise awareness about or educate your target audience on. The World Start-up report template is in a slightly longer form as it intends to help readers understand the how-to’s on their topics, which in this example, refers to start-up businesses.

This template is designed to be  clear and precise about the information and analytic presented. On the template, the header ‘Start-up World-5 min guide’ is accompanied by the consecutive sub-header purposed to capture the main concept of this infographic. The second to the sixth columns provide the guide on funding sources, community, success stories, opportunity, challenges and cultural diversity of the start-up. Lastly, tips and advice are given to the different types of money-making businesses, both individual and companies.

Some examples of how you can use this template:

  • How do I prepare for studying abroad
  • Blogging for beginners
  • Preparation before going into adulthood
  • Starting up a business investment

Give this template a try! Its highly concise layout and presentation may give you some inspirations on how to present your own info through the template.

There are several other Pro Infographics Templates that are much alike to Start-up World, such as Productivity, Hourglass 2, Mundus, Dexter Laboratory, and Alistair. Feel free to try them out as well, and let us know what you think about it! Don’t forget, we are always only a click away in case you need any help and guidance.


Create your own start-up report with this Piktochart theme – World Startup Report.

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