As we have just breached the 18,000 users mark, we would also like to celebrate that our Pro users came from the following companies:

Johnson & Johnson
Rocket Internet
Wunderman Mexico
Redbull US
General Electric
Alfa Accountants
Media Temple
BT open

They have been from a great mix of backgrounds as you can see – there are consultancies, health products, hosting services, accountants, PR, hardwares, hotels ….. And this is only a snapshot of where the Pro users come from. We have no access to the Piktocharts that they have created unless they publicly published it on some domain, but we could only imagine how and why the infographics were created.

Anyway, we realized that Piktochart users are a whole bunch of diverse people and we really want to extend our big thanks to you. Let the countdown to 20,000th user continue.

Ai Ching

Ching is the Chief Email Officer and dedicates her time to find growth hacking ninja ways. Former P&G and Experimental Psychologist, Ching’s addiction includes supporting new projects on Kickstarter and travelling.

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