What has Piktochart been up to (a Busy September)

| by piktochart | Team Updates.

We have been building Piktochart since July and in the following video, you will be able to witness our progress and what sorts of product features are available at this stage, especially from 1.25 minutes onwards :)

Some basic tools:

- Drag and Drop, cut, copy, delete, duplicate

- Move, layer, rotate icons

- Load pre-loaded themes

- Lock canvas, change background colour of canvas

- Font editing – bold, italic, underlined, size, colour

- Data visualizations – up to 4 different kinds

- Upload data in XML and CSV formats

- Save as PNG, JPEG, HTML

- Undo, redo, zoom in and out

- Group icons for editing


Future releases:

- HTML export to include data visualization

- Advanced data visualization

- Spreadsheet for data input

- Upload data with Google Docs


If there is any feature you think is important, voice it out and we might just make your priority, our priority!

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