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We were really excited to hear about’s launch. After all, we are all playing in the space of infographics and it’s important for all of us to keep pushing the boundaries. I think the server might not be able to hold all of the new visitors (as early as 7AM PST) when they started going really viral on Twitter….. and we thought, cool! This has got to be amazing. Stew Langille, CEO, announced in SXSW yesterday that they will be launching the create tool soon and we were really looking forward to see what sort of infographics can be generated.

After we logged in (authorized with Facebook), we clicked on a theme and basically just keyed in a Twitter hashtag, or a Facebook account and we got a super quick and beautiful infographic! Check the picture out below. Talk about automation and the next level of infographics creation.

What other infographic tools are there apart from

But wait a minute, what if I did not want to create an infographic about Twitter or Facebook? Or I had some data which was not owned by or other data repositories that claims to be working with their APIs?  Their automation is one aspect we have been considering, but getting data to be standardized in a template is actually a lot more difficult than it seems. We are glad that is building a repository of infographics and has over 4,000 infographic designers which just tells us how big the market really is!

Taken from FastCodeDesign “Today, the company launched a new platform to allow virtually anyone to create data visualizations. By tapping into data APIs–from Facebook Insights, Twitter,, and so forth– enables users to plug predetermined datasets into premade designs, offering a stable of templates and themes that will continue to grow thanks to the startup’s in-house team and community of roughly 4,000 freelance designers.”

And more…. “We hear a huge influx of people saying, ‘How can I get someone to help me create an infographic or a dashboard or an interactive visualization?'” Langille says. “People can’t afford it: It’s $5,000 to $7,000 for a graphic, and prices are going up. But now, if you want data-viz, you don’t have to start by wondering, ‘Where am I going to get the data? And where can I find a designer?'”

We’ll still have to wait and see if I can create an infographic out of my annual report. Or if Piktochart can get there faster…. :) What do you think? Tweet us @piktochart now!

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