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Our video tutorials are live on our Piktochart Youtube page:

Editing blocks and Arranging content

What is a block?, Adding & deleting blocks, Moving & resizing blocks

How to add items (icons, images, text)

Add icons, Upload your own image or photo, Resize an item, Add and edit text, Change background

Customizing charts and data visualization

Add a chart to your infographic, Input data, Customize your chart

Adding video and map visualization

Insert a video, Insert a map and customize it

Sharing, publishing and downloading infographics

Download and share your infographic

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Natalija S.

Natalija joins us from Lithuania with a MSc. An adventuress at heart, she aspires to work in fast moving startup environment. Her goal is to eat lots of local food and learn some Chinese. Ni hao!

  • Briana

    Can you make the videos public on YouTube? I cannot watch some of them, because they say private.