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  • Andrew review piktochart

    Andrew Meadows | Brand Ambassador

    We use Piktochart to display stats for the entire company during our company meetings. We got some GREAT feedback on it!
  • piktochart review

    Fiona Teng | Marketing Manager

    It helped get my message across in a more accessible and succinct way.
  • sample pic

    Jessica Martinez | Marketing Specialist

    There was definitely a lot more discussion that rose out of the infographics that I created with Piktochart. I have also been able to use Piktochart infographics to spice up many different types of content.
  • piktochart review

    Naomi Bates | Teacher-Librarian

    Before were long, boring reports. Now, infographics have made the old reports easier and better to read. No more paper, all online.
  • sample pic

    Rob Dickson | Director of Technology

    The leaders of my company love it. Infographics are the wave of the future for content creation needed for big decision making.
  • piktochart review

    Ryan White | Communications Specialist

    HUGE time saver -- definitely cut costs! Easy to use for the most part. Love it!
  • sample pic

    Sharanyan | Founder

    Anyone can create mind blowing infographics using templates. This is really amazing!
  • piktochart review

    Shonna Anderson | Senior Account Executive

    We are a small business so we couldn't afford to go to a graphic designer to create an infographic so we were looking for something affordable. I liked the ease of use and the ability to personalize the graphics, colors, etc. We've now decided to include an infographic into each of our reports.
  • terra pic

    Terra Kirsch | Technology Specialist

    Piktochart has made an amazing impact on my presentations in both work and my graduate studies. The flexibility of the framework allows me to use it in different ways, from Slideshare to websites. This is rapid development technology at its best.