Hi, I’m Tippy Tippens

I’m a CEO working at Matternola in the Social Enterprise industry.

What do you do at work?

Design + Marketing + Social media + Sales. Matter creates product poetry. Our thoughtful, sustainable, made in the U.S. products raise funding and awareness for social and environmental needs both locally and for our neighbors around the globe.

Essential items I cannot live without at work

Music, big windows, my pug.

Objective of creating infographics

Both for clients & for my business – we use infographics in newsletters.

I obtain data from my infographics from

Internal research or from clients.

I promote infographics using

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Other social media, Email, Image (Printed), Presentations (e.g. Powerpoint, Prezi). We got exposure to several hundred people via newsletters, print, Twitter & Facebook.

Piktochart is awesome for

……… making awesome custom infographics while saving everyone’s precious resource – TIME!  

Click here to view infographic created using Piktochart