Hi, I’m Stewart Kirkpatrick from YES Scotland

I’m Head of Digital at YES Scotland, a Non-Profit Organization.

Digital Strategy

I create and deliver our strategy across all digital platforms. A key part is to commission and create digital content to deliver complex information in accessible and engaging ways to our audience.

Coffee, Coffee and Coffee

I cannot live without my colleagues’ insights, feedback from our supporters, banter at the local pub. And coffee.

I create infographics to

Convey a vast amount of information in quality graphics.

Data Mining

My capable internal research team mine data from government, academic and other sources to craft messages and facts.

1,547 shares, 169,399 reach

We measure our success by the number of Facebook shares a graphic receives. Our most popular Piktochart received 1,547 shares on Facebook and therefore a reach of 169,399 people. We use feedback from our supporters to polish how we present our information.

Clinically dysgraphic

Piktochart is great for turning people who aren’t graphic artists into graphic artists. It’s a personal thing: I am clinically dysgraphic but thanks to Piktochart I am able to produce professional-looking graphics.