Hi, I’m Sharon Koval

I’m a Marketing Coordinator working at Ecotality in the  Motor Vehicles industry.

What do you do at work?

I’m a jack of many trades here at ECOtality, Inc. From lots of copy editing, to creating snazzy social media graphics and posts – I keep busy. My overall duties include being the community manager for all our social media channels, and assist creating customer facing materials such as brochures, event collateral, or presentations. I look forward to seeing electric vehicles become the mainstream and having our charging stations, Blink, become as commonplace as a gas station.

Essential items I cannot live without at work

My little Yoda which gives me wisdom throughout the day.

Objective of creating infographics

The electric vehicle industry can be full of boring charts, and numbers. Piktochart has brought life to our EV Project white papers and data sets by providing me the tools to create beautiful and informative infographics. We’ve created infographics that show the benefits of using our product.

I obtain data from my infographics from

We obtain much of the data from our smart chargers, The Blink Network and The EV Project.

I promote infographics using

Sending them to prospective customers and press.

Key results

Currently, we monitor the success of an infographic using Facebook statistics such as reach and virality. The reaction was phenomenal. Several publications used information from the graphic and we saw an increase of engagement from sales prospects.

Piktochart is awesome for

… making your data come to life!


Click here to check out the infographic