Hi, I’m Piotr Kozłowski from Datablog.

I make infographics for my data journalism blog.


I started using infographics to respond to readers’ needs. In today’s digital and visual world, infographics is the perfect tool for storytelling – it helps readers digest big chunks of data.

Ideal for beginners

I’ve found the free version is sufficient to create professional-looking infographics. The wide selection of graphs, ability to generate embed codes, free templates, icons and intuitive design are Piktochart’s hallmarks. I’ve used many infographics platforms. Piktochart is the best.

Increased visibility

Piktochart has helped me to increase visibility and outreach for my blog. Readers like sharing infographics via social networks.

Awaken the giant

Companies are starting to awaken to the idea and are looking for talent who can create infographics. I’ve done some serious work for my clients – there’s money in it.


I’m a passionate journalist – check out my blog. Even so, I’m not a great student. I’ve not completed my three-year journalism studies for five years now.

This Piktochart infographic is something I made for a client. They loved it. Pardon my Polish. But do check it out: