Hi, I’m Matthew McAlister from Blue Fountain Media

We needed an infographic tool that would benefit smaller clients who may not have the budget for content outside of blog posts.


We have used Piktochart for a wide variety of clients. From a credit card company, to a b2b payment provider, to a rug company, all to educate potential customers and increase brand awareness.


The experience has been transformative for me. I’ve always been interested in design, but could never pursue it as a career because I’m severely colorblind. Piktochart makes it easy for me to create beautiful and informative infographics without worry.

Lifesaving Hex Codes

Using a Google Chrome extension, I’m able to pull the color codes from the company’s website and design an aesthetically-pleasing infographic by branding it with the company’s color palette.


Using Piktochart has taught me a lot about design, and as I look through the infographics I’ve created as a timeline, the later ones show development in both aesthetics and the conception of how the information is displayed.


I used Piktochart to create an infographic for E-Complish, a b2b payment service. We put the infographic up on the blog and created a press release announcing its publication. E-Complish saw the highest amount of distribution on that release, over 3x more pick-ups, and more visitors to the blog than ever before – a 57% increase over the next most viewed post. The press release and infographic were picked up by Digital Journal and Yahoo Finance – resulting in 2x more conversions than all other blog posts combined – and an increase in brand awareness.

Three Hours

We decided to make the infographic as a last minute addition. So I hopped on Piktochart and created the final product in a little under three hours. I was able to quickly and professionally design a quality infographic that our client loved. I couldn’t have done this without Piktochart.

View our best performing infogaphic

E-Complish_Mobile_Payment_Trends infographic