Hi, I’m Ganesh Sankaralingam from LatentView Analytics

LatentView Analytics is a leading predictive analytics and data sciences firm. We’re big in the area of predictive analytics, while doing a fair amount of data visualization work as well.

Hindsight analysis

We use Piktochart to capture historical data to measure effectiveness of a campaign or to answer specific questions on ROI.

Easy and Fun

Our team has loved using Piktochart. It offers our data analysts a creative channel to capture otherwise bland data. They love using it so much, they use it to capture answers to questions they are personally curious about in their free time!

Inside and Out

Internally, the teams create Infographics for newsletters and for quick fun analysis about anything that catches their fancy. Many have found second life in our PR/ Marketing efforts.

Piktochart is a great, fun and easy way to present data and insights.

Our Favourite Infographic

Brand War- Nike vs Adidas