Hi, I’m Alexis Perlmutter from Funders Together To End Homelessness

We are a small non-profit organization that works to end and prevent homelessness in the United States.

The Communication Challenge

Homelessness has no single cause or solution, so we are often trapped in a sea of acronyms and wonky terminology. We want to be clear and compelling to a variety of audiences, but with a full-time staff of four and a couple of part-time interns, we are constantly assessing our limited resources.

A Breakthrough

We discovered Piktochart in 2013 and we’ve been hooked ever since. Piktochart infographics were instrumental in our biggest project yet: an interactive map that showing how Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is failing Americans.

Infographics say it all

We had each state account for its poverty rate, fair market rent, and TANF payments in an infographic. We also created printer-friendly versions for each state, so advocates can take these handouts to meetings with key decision makers. This has been crucial in presenting specific data to those who can help us change the system. No more text-heavy documents! These infographics say it all.


Piktochart infographics have also changed the way we interact on social media. Our highest performing Facebook post last year was our infographic on the impacts of sequestration on services and programs for the homeless. Because we were able to breakdown a complicated issue in a visually compelling way, our followers were much more engaged with our message.

Our Best Infographic

Piktochart case study Tennessee TANF vs. FMR