Hi, I’m Akbar Sheikh from Health And Auto Insurance

I’m a Financial Blogger.

I keep a personal finance blog

Where I help my clients plan for their financial future. Currently, I spend a lot of time generating traffic for my blog and infographics. I focus on writing one blog post each day.

My laptop and Skype

Are two items I cannot live without.

A different approach

Infographics lets me build my brand, draw traffic and engaging with my audience – from a different angle.

Google Analytics

I have built a custom dashboard to measure the success of my articles where in a compare the articles with and without inforgraphics.

30% bounce rate decrease

People stay longer on blogposts with infographics. This I think is my biggest advantage.

I use social media

Pinterest promotes and spreads my infographics most effectively.

To date, I have created over 50 infographics

More than 1000 people have viewed my infographics collectively!

Strike the right chord

Use Piktochart. Personal Finance is a competitive niche and Piktochart has helped me to stand out. It’s not what you say, but how you say it which determines the impact and result of your actions.