Hi, I’m Akbar Sheikh

I’m a Financial Blogger working at in theĀ  Publishing industry.

What do you do at work?

I handle my offline clients for financial planning and then I blog at my personal finance blog. Currently, the entire time goes into generating traffic on my blog and infographics. I focus on writing one blog post each day. I also build relationships with fellow financial bloggers.

Essential items I cannot live without at work

My laptop and Skype.

Objective of creating infographics

Builds branding, trafffic to the website and engage with my audience with a different approach.

I obtain data from my infographics from

Google Analytics. Currently Google Analytics is my main tool to measure the success of my articles. I have built a custom dashboard where in a compare the articles CTR with and without inforgraphics. Currently I see 30% less bounce rate infographics.

I promote infographics using

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Other social media, Embedded on websites.

Key results

There are over 50 infographics which I have created.” As of now more than 1000 people have viewed all of my infographics collectively! The biggest advantage that I have seen is that my bounce rate reduced by almost 30% after I started including infographics in my articles! I upload infographics on Pinterest and see that traffic is also increasing from this channel.

Piktochart is awesome for

… striking the right chord with your audience. Piktochart has helped me to be different in an already competitive niche (personal finance). It’s not what you say, but how you say it which determines the impact and result of your actions. Piktochart has lived up to that.

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