We have collected a sample of case studies with our Pro users who have been using Piktochart on a regular basis. Take a look to discover who they are.

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  • Stewart Kirkpatrick Stewart Kirkpatrick reviews Piktochart

    YES Scotland

    Head of Digital

    I am clinically dysgraphic and thanks to Piktochart I am able to produce professional-looking graphics. Read more
  • Dolores Farmer Dolores Farmer reviews Piktochart

    Prudential Premier REALTORS

    Director of Tech & Edu

    The resulting press publicity helps our Company without costing us advertising dollars. Read more
  • Akbar Sheikh Akbar Sheikh reviews Piktochart

    Health and Auto Insurance


    It's not what you say, but how you say it which determines the impact and result of your actions. Piktochart has lived up to that. Read more
  • Sharon Koval Sharon Koval reviews Piktochart


    Marketing Coordinator

    The reaction was phenomenal. Several publications used information from the graphic and we saw an increase of engagement from sales prospects. Read more
  • Jason Fishbein Jason Fishbein reviews Piktochart


    Senior HR Systems Analyst

    With such a minimal cost for the product, the return on investment is simply amazing! Read more
  • Tippy Tippens Tippy Tippens reviews Piktochart



    Making awesome custom infographics while saving everyone's precious resource - TIME! Read more
  • Shonna Anderson Shonna Anderson reviews Piktochart

    Wireside Communications

    Senior Account Executive

    Even amateurs like me to create visually appealing infographics! Read more