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Dear Piktochartees,

We are sooo excited we can hardly keep this news to ourselves. We have been toiling for months to launch some really hyped features in the industry. It was thanks to all of you who suggested improvements by:

  • Cutting down the time that you use to create infographics
  • Improve data visualization tools
  • Create some really cool interactive effects
  • Get more graphics
  • Keep you in the conversation

So we listened since March 2011 and we started planning out the next release of Piktochart. We were initially overly optimistic and we failed to deliver on one of the features below. Among some of the things that took the developers the longest time to code:

  • A complete transition from Flash to HTML5. We have had to discard completely in order to move in the direction that we want to be in.
  • A smooth and anti-lag interface. Our designers have put in their time to select the best color schemes, buttons, fonts and layout to de-clutter the screen, created new functions that would simplify your life. We are hoping for a 50% decrease in the time that you spend creating infographics so that you can concentrate on the more important parts of your business!
  • Better filters and categorization of graphics and themes. We currently have a library of 105 themes and approximately 3,000 graphics (divided between SVG icons and images). It has taken us a lot of time to study the best way in order to get high resolution infographics that qualify for print and we have done it! To enable you to quickly filter through the gigantic library, we have also invested our time in sourcing for quality images, categorizing them etc.
  • [COMING SOON]Search engine friendly HTML export. This is something that even powerpoint and many other tools do not have as a feature. We found this to be really important as infographics are used widely to generate more traffic to the website. With the search engines crawling the infographic, you will be able to get even more traffic in less time!

What does this all mean for you?

  • Shorter time in designing an infographic
  • Your Piktocharts are going to look even more impressive, they are unique and they will begin to replace your other formats of presentation at the workplace.
  • You are going to love creating an infographic because it’s more fun and flexible.
  • For the users who have been saving many infographics on the older version, do not worry. You can choose to start immediately with Version 2 or continue editing with the old version. Your piktocharts that are saved on the older version ( will not be deleted. However, we are unable to facilitate a transfer of your old files to the new system due to the extreme differences between the 2 version.
  • We hope that you have already started on your infographic and we look forward to hear your feedback!

The team at Piktochart wishes you “Happy Piktocharting!”

P/S: For some behind the scene photos of how we managed to bring this mammoth project to fruition, find random shots around
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