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Start writing news with SXSW!

“Good news everyone, there’s a newspaper theme coming right up!

Piktochart loves to make things convenient for our users, therefore, *drum-rolls* we have created an infographic template that looks exactly like a newspaper  which could come in handy among our journalist or reporter users. This template is designed to resemble a front-page of a newspaper and it also caters for education or work purposes.

SXSW is designed with a big bold header to grab your viewers’ attention, followed by the news headline and then going into an article. Pictures and videos can be added to the infographic to allow viewers to gain a clearer picture of the story.   You can also add relevant statistics and other side stories.

Some examples of how you can use this template:

  • Monthly school/university bulletin
  • Weekly updates in an organization
  • Projects for journalists and reporters
  • Monthly company Newsletter
  • Success stories

We also offer a few more Pro Infographics templates to create a variety of a newsletter infographic. Consider Academic, Analogize, Martin Luther King Day, Airglow, and UnderTheSea.

“Go into the world and do well. But most importantly, go into the world and do good”. – Minor Myers. At Piktochart, we are all user-focused and strive to provide you with a tool that will make your everyday tasks easier. This is our good news, what is yours?


If you would like to use the SXSW theme for your infographic, click here!

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