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  • New UI on Magic.Piktochart
  • Logging into Piktochart
  • Top Questions Related to the Magic Editor
  • Basics: How to Piktochart
  • Canvas
  • Icons/Images
  • Styles (previously known as Moods)
  • Interactive: Charts
  • Embedding Videos & Hyperlinking
  • Output (Image and HTML Export)
  • Payment
  • Troubleshooting

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New UI on magic.piktochart

1. What’s new with this editor?

We have gathered your feedback and have updated the look and feel of the editor to make it more intuitive. It’s available on Beta while we iron out any kinks.
Do let us know if you encounter any problems.

2. When will we migrate in full to the Magic V4 editor?

We won’t rush it. We’ll let you know once we’re ready to move so that you’re prepared. This should take about 4 weeks at most. Meanwhile you should definitely try it out.

3. Will I lose all my infographics?

No you won’t. It’s just a new user interface or ‘skin’ if you like. It’s more intuitive, easy on the eyes and simple to use. You’ll be able to find your Saved Piktocharts by clicking on your user name at the top of the editor.

Logging into Piktochart

1. How do I log in to

Please go to You will have to option to sign in using Facebook, Google+ or with an email account. 

2. Browser compatibility: Which browsers does Piktochart work best on?

Piktochart works best with Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari are not known to work well with Javascript. However the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Safari work well with Piktochart. Please report any issues you may face.

3. Can I change my login email?

You can do so if you are leaving the organization your email is tied to or changing the ownership of the account. To do this, we need an email from the original account, (for example [email protected]). Cc-ed your new account in the same email (for example [email protected]). Send the email to: support[at]piktochart[dot]com telling us of the change.

Top Questions Related to Magic – V3

1. How do I copy and paste items onto my canvas?

You can use common keyboard short cuts, CTRL-C (copy), CTRL-X (cut), CTRL-V (paste). To undo, use CTRL-Z. You can even copy and paste items from one canvas to another.

2. I just logged on yesterday. Now all my files have disappeared/lost/destroyed. What do I do?

It is likely that you created your infographics on (the older version of piktochart) and then logged on today with To solve the problem, just go back to

3. Why can’t I change the color of the image?

Images have multiple color layers. If you changed the color, it will just appear as a flat “rectangle”. For that purpose, we have disabled it.

4. What are some cool usability tips?

Edit layout is very useful to move blocks around. Also try dragging across the screen to get a wide selection of icons and text together that you can move together as a group. Hold on to the SHIFT key when you resize an image or SVG to keep the proportion.

5. Does the data of my infographic remain private?

According to our terms and conditions, Piktochart has the right to publicize your data if you are a free user. However, this only applies to infographics that have been published via HTML. The infographics can be used in parts in Piktochart’s marketing/publicity efforts.

We have a new privacy feature available for PRO Users. They can pick to set their infographic to Public, Share it with selected friends or keep it Private for their eyes only. They have the choice of the three options after publishing to HTML.


Basics: How to Piktochart

1. How do I load a new theme?

When you have entered the Piktochart Themes page, choose a theme you like and click on ‘Pick Theme‘ to get started.

You can filter out the themes according to the categories so you can find one which works best.

Piktochart Themes page

2. How to load a saved Piktochart?

Click on “My Saved Piktocharts” on the Dashboard. From within the editor, click on your username on the top left and select “My Saved Piktocharts.”

Piktochart Saved Infographics page

3. How do I save my infographic?

Saving an infographic is much more simpler now. Click on ‘Save’ at the top will save the infographic if it is a new copy. After that, you can click on ‘Update’ to update the changes onto that saved copy.


Piktochart saving an infographic

If you would like to save this infographic as an extra copy, click on the dropdown next to the ‘Save’ button and select ‘Save As’.

4. What is preview mode?

Preview mode allows you to check out the infographic without the distractions of the editor. It gives a clear picture of what your infographic would look like.

5. How does auto-save work?

We’ve been getting feedback that if the browser window is accidentally closed or if the power goes off while in the middle of work, all is lost. So we implemented auto-save to recover work if such an event ever occurs. To access your auto saved infographic, go to My Saved Piktocharts (See no.2!). We recommend you save your work periodically to avoid any disappointments.


1. How do I add more space in the middle of the infographic?

You can do so by either of the following:

1. Click on the “+” button at the left toolbar highlighted in red to add a new block. (Remember to select a block first)Piktochart canvas add new block

2. Drag the bottom border of the block to increase the current block’s height.

Piktochart canvas increase block height

2. I would like to re-arrange the infographic. Can I move the contents around?

Sure, click to select the block that you are on. Then click on the “up” (4th button) or “down” (5th button) at the left toolbar highlighted in red in order to move the block around.

Piktochart canvas add new block

3. I would like to duplicate a section of the infographic. How can I do that?

You can do so by clicking on the block that you are on to select it and then the “duplicate” (3rd button) at the left toolbar.

Piktochart canvas add new block

4. How can I change background color

You can change the background by following the mini-steps below. Each steps are marked with orange circles on the screenshot.

Piktochart Tutorial Change Background

  1. Select a block and click on ‘Background
  2. Enter the hex code value of the colour, or simply choose the colour from the palette


1. What is the difference between Icons and Images?

Icons have one flat color while images can contain more than 1 color tone, textures, gradients. It is recommended to use icons because they do not lose resolutions when you drag them, increase their size. Otherwise it is likely that your output will be affected by blurry images. For SVGs (or icons), you are able to change the color.

2. How can I enlarge an image?

Please hold on to the SHIFT key on the keyboard as you drag the corners of the image in order to resize it. That enables the image to be larger on the infographic.

3. How do I upload an image?

Click on the ‘Uploads’ image icon and you will be prompted to select a file from your desktop to upload. You can also drag and drop the image directly onto the canvas from your computer to upload the image.

Piktochart Upload Images

4. How do I rotate an icon/image/text?

Click to select the graphic or text layer. Then a “white” dot will appear on top. If you drag that around, you will be able to rotate that layer.

Piktochart rotate button

5. How do I delete an uploaded image?

Click on the “x” on the uploaded image and you will delete the image. The limit for image uploads is 20 for free users and 200 for Pro users. Please note that when you delete an uploaded image, it will disappear from your other infographics as well.

6. Why can’t I move an item or change its color? (locked)

It is likely that the layer has been locked. It is locked to prevent you from accidentally moving items that are in the background as you are edit your infographic. When an object is locked, it is highlighted with red dashed borders and red squares at each corners. The ‘Locked’ button (circled in red) will also be activated.

Piktochart locked objects


1. How do I use Style?

Try clicking on each and every style and you will see the infographic transformed. This is available in most themes. However, some of them do not contain this feature.

Piktochart styles and moods

Interactive: Charts and Tabbing

1. How do I create a chart?

To create a chart, click on “Tools” at the bottom menu and then drag and drop the “Bar chart” icon into the canvas. You will then see a spreadsheet like this pop up.

Piktochart add chart

The full list of visualisation according to the data points: 2 Data points (e.g. Year vs Sales) – Bar – Horizontal, Vertical, Stacked – Line – Area – Dot – Pie – Matrix – you can change the graphical format – men,women,dot – Gradient – you can change the graphical format – men,women,dot – Gauge – Donut – Swatch – Pyramid – Balloon 3 Data points (e.g. Year vs Sales vs Country) – Bar – Horizontal, Vertical, Stacked – Line – Area – Dot – Bubble There are several modifications you can work on, including changing the color of the Axis, hiding the legend, hiding the axis, smooth lines etc. Please note that the “hover effect” showing the numbers above each section of the data visualisation will only apply if the HTML has been saved.

2. How do I modify the colours within the chart?

Click on ‘Advanced Settings’, it  will then bring you to the next window. Select the Axis that you are trying to modify, then click on the hex color to change its color.

3. What format of CSV is accepted?

Your CSV chart needs to have header column and header rows.

4. How do I show legends?

You have to enable legends feature on. You are not allowed to change the color, position, font of the legend at the moment. You can access these settings by clicking on Advanced Settings in the Chart tool.

5. How do I show axis?

You have to enable axis feature on. Please refer to the following chart with axis. You can access these settings by clicking on Advanced Settings in the Chart tool.

6. How do I enable grid?

The feature is by default disabled. However, some users have requested for it and therefore it is now part of the charts. You can access these settings by clicking on Advanced Settings in the Chart tool.

Piktochart add grid on chart

7. What does “static value on image export” mean?

When you export as image, by default, static values do not show in export. With this option checked, you will be able to download a chart with all of the values of the charts. Please refer to the example below. You can access these settings by clicking on Advanced Settings in the Chart tool.Piktochart static value on image export

9. How do I modify font (type and size)in a chart?

We are sorry but the fonts within the charts cannot be modified. You can resize by dragging the chart to get the fonts to get bigger proportionately.

Embedding Videos & Hyperlinking

1. How do I embed video on Piktochart?

Click on ‘Tools’ tab and then ‘Video’. Enter the YouTube or Vimeo URL (Example:, then click ‘Insert’ and you’re done.

Piktochart add video

Videos do not play when you are editing or previewing your infographic. They only play when you publish it as HTML. After inserting the video, you can resize the video.

2. How do I hyperlink on Piktochart?

Click on the object you would like to hyperlink on Piktochart. For example, try hyperlinking a text layer,or graphic. Insert the URL together with http:// so that the hyperlink would work. Hyperlinks will not work if you choose to export as JPEG or PNG.

Output (Image and HTML Export)

1. How do I export/save as a high resolution image?

Click on the ‘Publish’ button on the left, and then click ‘Image’ if you want the infographic in JPG/PNG/PDF or click ‘Link’ if you want it as HTML.

Piktochart publish infographic

If you click ‘Image’, it will prompt a pop-up and you may select your image size and format. The image should automatically download to your computer after the rendering is complete. If the image isn’t downloaded, right click on the infographic on the right and click ‘Save As’ to save it.

Piktochart download infographic as image

You will note that Pro users have a wider access to more resolutions.
In general, A4 is the most common size of paper. A3 is double of A4. A2 is double of A3.

The rendering may take up to 60 seconds depending on your Internet connection and the size that you chose. For web purposes, we recommend clicking on the “web” button to allow faster loading. Please also note that you will need to add a .PNG or .JPEG extension to the file as you save it so that it can be viewed correctly. 

2. How do I export as HTML?

After clicking the ‘Publish’ button and then ‘Link’, it will prompt a pop-up.PIktochart publish infographic as HTMLClick on the large ‘Publish Now’ button so that your infographic is available on HTML. It shall provide you a URL to the HTML output at the top right. You may get the codes to embed the infographic to your website as well.For PRO users, you may set privacy settings for your infographic if you would like only certain people to view it, or make it publicly available.

3. What is the meaning of publish and unpublish?

Publishing would allow the HTML version of your Piktochart to be visible.

3. How do I embed the HTML code into my website/blog?

To do so, please go to the “HTML or text” part of your website. For WordPress, this is called the “text” tab. Copy and paste the entire code into this portion and publish your website to see this. Different sites have different configurations. You may wish to contact your webmaster to find out but this is usually a very straight forward process.

4. After embedding the HTML code into my website, the fonts have changed! What happened?

We found that the HTML embed code could affect certain websites’ fonts due to individual configurations. If that happens to you, please report it to support[at] and we will highlight this to the developers so that they can take action.

5. How to download/export piktochart as an image in poster size?

Posters (especially above 12 x 16 inches) require high resolution softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Because we are web based and not a desktop software, the images are exported to a good resolution but this depends on the images/fonts that have been resized/rotated etc. We have no immediate solution for this at the moment, but we are sticking with the international conventions of A4,A3,A2 (please refer to question 1 in this section).

6. Does Piktochart allow embedding into emails?

Emails don’t allow embedding of Piktochart infographics, however you may send an email to your friends/co-workers to view your infographic. Click on ‘Publish’ and then ‘Email’, it will prompt a pop-up window.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.56.11 PM

You may fill in the form as shown above and add a personal message. The recipient will get the email a the URL link to your infographic. Do take note that your infographic will be publish for users to view it.


1. What payment methods do you accept?

We are currently accepting all payments via Paypal (accepts most common credit cards without setting up a Paypal account) or (processes Visa and Mastercard).

2. How do I view the previous payments that I have made?

You can do so by going to

3. Can I get a receipt for the purchase I have made?

Paypal automatically issues a receipt for every transaction that has been made. We are adding a PDF invoice to every transaction viewable on

4. Can I switch from monthly Pro to annual Pro?

Yes you can. Please go to and then click on Annual Pro and that would cancel your recurring billing. Please note that it does not deduct the amount that you have previously signed up for (i.e. you will always be billed $169).

Troubleshooting Security & Migration to New App

1. How do you ensure that my data saved on Piktochart is secure?

We ensure that our developers follow the best case practice when saving/deleting data on the servers. There is no one apart from Piktochart’s team of developers who have access to the data (and even then, only when a user requests for troubleshooting). We also encrypt the data on the servers and AWS has a server uptime of 99%.

2. Will you stop creating new themes on the older version?

Yes, we will no longer be creating any new themes on We are concentrating all our efforts on making the infographic creation process better.

3. How do I log onto the new version of Piktochart with my old Piktochart credentials?

If you are a Pro user, your email address has already been imported to the new database together with payment ID, expiry date of the Pro account etc. However, you are required to reset your password. This is how you can do it: Please click on the reset password link and enter [email protected] You will then receive an email and after resetting it, you can log on to your Piktochart as a Pro user. If you used Facebook/Twitter to log in previously, you can use the email address that is associated with your social network in order to “reset password” to access your Pro account. For example, if you have a Facebook ID that is associated with [email protected], please click on the reset password link and enter [email protected] You will then receive an email and after resetting it, you can log on to your Piktochart as a Pro user.