When you are finished

Congratulations, you created your infographic! What’s next?

promote your infographic
Before you are really done, make sure that you have looked through these points in this checklist:

Final checklist

☑   Keep it simple

☐  Clear title and categories
☐  No long paragraphs or sentences
☐  No confusing numbers

☑   Make it visually appealing

☐   Maintain the balance
☐   Limited fonts and colours
☐   Enough of white space

☑   Proofread: check for spelling and grammar errors

☑   Include sources in the end of the infographic


Marketing Ideas for an Infographic

Promote your infographic in 5 minutes

Got no time to promote your infographic? Actually you need only 5 minutes to cover the basics!

15 seconds to read, 4:45 minutes to implement


6 Marketing ideas for your infographic

We have pinpointed a few promotion tactics that would work for almost everybody. When you covered the basics (above), move on to the ‘intermediate level’.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Use Facebook Sponsored Stories to Promote Your Infographic

Learn how to set up your next Facebook ad campaign to promote your infographic with Facebook sponsored stories and achieve the best results.

Takes only a minute!

Track the Success of your infographic

After a full campaign of creating an infographic, you would want to track the effectiveness of using an infographic.

If you have Google Analytics implemented, you can easily choose to see where the visitors came in when they got to that particular landing page. Other analytics tools you could consider using include Crazy Egg, KissMetrics, Ginza metrics, etc depending on your requirements. If you are using social media to promote it, you can easily track RTs and Facebook likes.

Whichever tool you are using, be sure that you have to monitor how many impressions and clicks you achieved using the infographic.