Looking for ideas or data?

Find the right topic and content for your story

Deciding on the topic

Pick the right topic

It is important to publish an infographic about a topic which has not been over-commented. There are a lot of infographics out there, and even though you have great design, your content is the one that will stand out and bring you traffic.

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Hot trends

Hot trends are especially promising to bring you traffic, shares and even publicity in such high-profile webpages like Mashable.

6 sources where to look for hot trends



Infographics about popular / interesting companies, nonprofit organizations or industries can also be a great topic for your infographic.

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Topic generator

If you just have a keyword or two in mind, try using these two awesome tools.. for FREE! HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator and Portent’s Content Idea Generator.

Crafting a story for your infographic

As in all presentations, it is important to structure your storyline in a compelling manner and end it with a conclusion that lingers on in the mind. For this purpose, we borrowed a couple of excerpts and notes from various sources who are well-known for their presentations.

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8 types of infographics

If you are not sure what kind of infographic fits your message and goals best, this flowchart might help you to decide among 8 types of infographics.

Let’s get started!

Research for data and information

There are plenty of databases which are free and you can use to begin your research. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of trustable data sets.

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Designing an infographic

You need to make sure your infographics are designed in the right way in order for them to work correctly. One thing many designers miss when putting infographics together is that they need to be informative and visually interesting, but not overwhelming. Making your infographics overwhelming (filled with too much information) even if they are highly informative, will drive the average internet users away.

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Selecting a design agency or designer for infographics

Now that you have done the most important part of the job, you might not want to make an infographic yourself but find a designer to do it for you. There is a range of options for this, depending on your budget.

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