Introduction to Infographics

What is an infographic for? Get inspired!


What can infographics be used for?

Infographics can be used by quite a number of people for various reasons: by managers, marketing professionals, journalists and bloggers, teachers and students …You wonder how?

  • Annual reports and corporate communication
  • To attract inbound marketing traffic
  • To bring awareness/disseminate information
  • Creativity/teaching tool

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Why are infographics so popular?

Due to their ability to present a huge amount of information in concise chunks & giving numbers/data a visual appeal, infographics became one of the best ways to share and promote content virally.

NeoMam Studios neatly illustrated 13 success reasons in an interactive infographic.

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Success stories

A few companies tried out infographics to engage existing users and attract new visitors, and these are their results:

  • 9-fold increase in Twitter traffic; 4-fold increase in social media “actions”
  • Referral traffic increased well over 1000 percent
  • The cost of the average infographic was just 1 cent per visitor

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More Testimonials & Use Cases

    • “We received +17% of orders since we started using Piktochart in our tenders”
    • “Our infographic was shared over 1,300 times on Tumblr”

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