Getting started with Piktochart editor

Create your own infographic

How to create an Infographic in 5 minutes

This post will reveal 6 steps how to create a Piktochart infographic in 5 minutes.

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Ebook “Getting started with Piktochart”

Check our “Getting started with Piktochart” guide that covers both beginner and intermediate level topics such as:

  • Uploading an image and editor
  • Creating an interactive tab
  • Adding a hyperlink on images
  • Cool editor features: Lock layer, Group layers, Rotation, Mirror, Opacity levels
  • …and many more!

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Step by step videos

Through these 1-minute video tutorials, you will learn the basics how to work with Piktochart app.

  • Logging in to Piktochart
  • Editing fonts
  • Edit layout/Move blocks
  • Creating/Editing charts
  • Adding graphics
  • Exporting as Images/HTML
  • Tips and Tricks on Piktochart

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You may find out more about the questions

  • Logging into Piktochart
  • Top Questions Related to the Magic Editor
  • Basics: How to Piktochart
  • Canvas
  • Icons/Images
  • Interactive: Charts and Tabbing
  • Output (Image and HTML Export)
  • Payment
  • Troubleshooting

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