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promote your infographic beginners first steps If you had only 5 minutes to promote your awesome infographic, what would you do?

Super quick tips to get your infographic out

After you have published your infographic into an image, HTML or PDF, what’s next? Here are some quick things you can get done to get noticed faster: 1.   Put it on your blog. Most blogs support html code – just copy and paste the code to your blog editor. 2.   Post on Facebook, Google+ and Google+ community pages. Publish and share with our easy to use buttons on magic.piktochart. Note that it’s not the quantity of fans that matter but how targeted these people are for you. Targeting everyone is like pitching a dolphin story to Hello magazine. 3.   Do the same for Pinterest boards. You will be surprised at how well Pinterest works for curated boards. 4.   Use Twitter to schedule 2-3 tweets with different quotes or questions that your infographic answers. ( Side note: did you know that reposting content multiple times gives great results?). Include a shot of infographic itself and a link to a full image. Save time by using HootSuite to schedule multiple tweets at once. 5.   Include your infographic in your next email. It’s easy to organize subscribers into lists on Gmail that you can send en masse. MailChimp can help send your infographic as a part of a newsletter or email campaign. One-billion-views publicity does not happen with 5 minutes of work. Research has to be put into Finding your target audience. And most of your time will go into building your dissemination network/system. The best results come from places like Stumbleupon when they are tagged correctly as well as disseminating the infographic via social media and CRM where your loyal user base already is.

More tips

Go beyond the basics, read more here (“6 Marketing Ideas for an Infographic”). Also, learn how to set Facebook ads in “Step-by-Step Guide: Use Facebook Sponsored Stories to Promote Your Infographic”. This article is a part of Piktochart resources for everyone who wants to create infographics.

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6 Responses to “Promote your Infographic in 5 minutes”

  1. Waylon

    Ӏ need to to thank you for this great read!!
    I certainly loved every little bit of it. I have got you bookmarked to cheϲk out new stuff you post…

  2. Shilpi Agarwal

    It would probably take more than 5 minutes but Syndicating your Infographic on Infographic special sites would be another thing to do like,,

  3. Anabel

    Yeah, these are important marketing tips to promote your infographic. Do not forget infographic showcase sites too.

  4. Bren

    Hi Natalija,
    I like the idea of promoting the whole image to scroll through on facebook – should I download the piktochart to my website and share that link or should I use the magic.piktochart link instead.

    Very helpful tips so far thanks.

    • Natalija S.

      Natalija S.

      Hi Bren,
      for social media I’d suggest to download the image and then add the link – given how all recent developments point towards the ‘visual’ way. Regarding your website, you can embed the piktochart infographic – that would preserve its interactive features + allow it to be scanned by search crawlers! Below it you can also add the link and even the embed code so that your readers could embed it on their blogs/websites!
      I hope this helps!


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