This is a long needed post, but we have not been able to update it as the holiday seasons were jolly and about.
drag and drop from Piktochart Bugs

Fixed Bug: Grouping and deleting will crash

Fixed Bug: Blank Background does not clear previous background when click on new

Fixed Bug: Current image is used to apply the overlay. So when you overlay the 2nd time onwards, it takes the overlaid image to overlay again, and again, and again.

Fixed Bug: Chart text disappears if you rotate the chart. Now it works.

New Feature: Read CSV files in Data Visualizer

New Feature: When need to add content in infographic, just click on “Add Block”, so that there is no manual work to be done by the user in order to stretch the canvas.

New Feature: Confirmation message when saving and exporting, in order to give the users an understanding that it has happened.

New Feature: New XML to fit in the mood/color/font swatches that we would like to implement so that users can change colors/text in one click.

New UI! We are working on a new UI since December and it’s still taking some time for us to completely shed the old skin and go into the new one… so hang in there!

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