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There are some interesting statistics about infographics- just waiting to be converted into an infographic. Depending on term (infographic vs infographicS), there are multiple differences as to which countries are most interested. We did not include Google Insights but it showed an explosion in the volume of searches from 0 in 2009 to about 200,000 in 2011. This is just the beginning of infographics and data visualizations. 1. Where do searches on infographics come from? Number 1 most searches on infographics comes from Singapore, followed by Netherlands and Switzerland. Then, India, USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Brazil, Spain, etc. Google Insights: Infographics Data   2. The random keywords that get associated with infographics according to Google. Google Insights: Infographics Trend 3. The Viral Potential of an infographic: Mashable has an estimated 5% of its contents in Infographics. In the top 25 posts which have gone most viral (in terms of Facebook likes, Tweets and the new Google + tool), we have found 3 infographics and 2 videos out of the entire list. This shows that infographics are more likely to be shared compared to normal “blog” news from Mashable. 4. What are the topics which are focused on infographics?
  • Technology: Internet, Social media, Mobile, Gadgets
  • Self promotional: Business, Brand, Self (CV)
  • State of the world/region/country/city/road (e.g. mortality, birth, disease, GDP)
  • News-worthy (Osama bin laden’s assassination)
  • Educational: Where does it come from? How does that happen? (Earthquakes)
  • Humour
  • Surprising/Controversial (10 things you never knew about beer)
5. Most common forms of data visualizations:
  • - Pie charts
  • - Bar charts/Histograms
  • - 7 out of 10 men
  • - 1 car = 5 bicycles = 100 skateboards
  What do you think about the viral spread of infographics? Love to hear any thoughts you may have about the growth of infographics.

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